Sugarbush App Badge Challenges, on the mountain, winter 22/23 season

Sugarbush App Badge Challenges: To Bring Your Skiing to the Next Level

Over the past several weeks I have let the Sugarbush app be my guide for fun, food, and fast times around the mountain. If you are not aware, the Sugarbush app now has the ability to track you (if you chose so) throughout the resort and on the mountain. The app has a ton of capabilities and unique features.

First Impressions

After a day of tracking, the app can show me to what type of trails I have skied the most (green, blue, black), # of trails I’ve shredded, total vertical feet that’ve been climbed on our lifts and even the total time I’ve spent skiing! Not not to mention it also tracks your max speed, mines 49 mph just saying. It’s been a ton of fun tracking my progress throughout the season and checking-off trails on the map. What I’ve really enjoyed though was completing the “Badge Challenges” on the app. These are daily and seasonal challenges where your progress is recorded and can even be matched to other skiers/riders.

For example, to earn the “6 Peaks Adventurer” Badge you must ride the 6 lifts that serve Sugarbush’s peaks. Unfortunately, I have only been able to ride 4 out of the 6 lifts but it’s already taken me to some crazy parts of the mountain. My favorite badge so far was the “Wall of Famer” challenge. One must venture down the 3 trails named after Sugarbush legends in a single day. I won’t tell you what they are but they are 3 rowdy trails to say the least and leave you sweating! So, if you’re up on the hill and are looking for a challenge or just for something new check out the Badge Challenges in the Sugarbush App!

Sugarbush App Badge Challenges, on the mountain, winter 22/23 season
Shot by Benny completing the Elevation Explorer Badge

The Challenges

To begin all you gotta do is download the app, click on “Me” and then select “Start Tracking” and you are well on your way to another awesome day at Sugarbush.

Please ski and ride within your ability level, follow resort rules, and never enter closed or out of bounds terrain.

6 Peaks Adventurer

A seasonal challenge, has you ride the 6 lifts that serve Sugarbush’s 6 peaks: Valley House Quad, Heaven’s Gate Triple, Castlerock Double, North Lynx Triple, Summit Quad, and the Inverness Quad.

Friend Zone

Track with 1 or more people at Sugarbush at least 5 times in one season, or track in a group of 2+ people on 5+ days.

Wall of Famer

Venture down 3 trails names after Sugarbush legends in a single day…Lixi’s Twist, Stein’s Run, Sigi’s Ripcord. Experts only.

Elevation Explorer

Track 18,485 vertical feet throughout the season. Get higher than 60% of most users!

Weekday Warrior

Hit the slopes on each weekday in a season, for a goal of five days.

To view your challenges progress, enter the app, click on “Me” to select “My Stats” followed by “Badges”. There, you’ll see the progress you’ve made on each challenge. Whether you’ve already been trying to complete them or not, as long as you’ve been tracking, the app will do the work for you! See where you’re already at!

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