Let The Lion Roar

When I was a kid, my family went on safari in Kenya. One of the memories forever burned in my then 11-year-old brain was witnessing a pack of lions stalk and eventually take down a wildebeest. The process was slow and elaborate. The lions stalked for what felt like an eternity before accelerating full force on the herd. Then just like that…feasting time.

In the ski industry us marketers love to use the adage “March comes in like a lion”. Of course, whether that saying holds true on any given year is up for debate. Sure, we always WANT it to be a lion, but just as often March comes in like a lamb. I’ve even got the historical snowfall data spreadsheet to prove it. This year, however? There’s no doubting the truth. The lion is roaring as loud as it’s ever roared before. How appropriate on the anniversary of 1993’s “Storm of the Century”. And much like that lion pack stalking its prey, the build up to the kill was slow and deliberate. We waited and waited through below average snowfall much of the season before pouncing on the month of March.

Since the calendar flipped over to March 1st, we’ve already seen over four feet of snow, including 31” that fell in just the last couple of days. We’ve leapt past our average March totals and it’s only the middle of the month. In fact, this recent storm even knocked us past last year’s season snowfall total. Oh, and there’s still another month and a half to go.

The lion’s roar has been loud, it’s been fierce, and it’s been full of deep powder-filled stashes. Sure, sometimes you feel the roar’s breath (wind holds), need to take a cat nap (power surges), or desire a little self-grooming (Reverse Traverse trail cutting), but those are all small prices to pay when the skiing is as good as it is right now. Let the doubters be quelled; our projected closing day of Sunday, May 7th seems easily attainable.

If ever there was a time to join our (Quad) pack and buy a season pass it’s right now. For those new to us, you’re rewarded with free skiing for the rest of this season when you buy for next year. For those already a part of our community, hunt down the best value and reup for 2023/24. Need more than skiing? There’s a full slate of parties, pond skimming, concerts, and pride weekends on deck from now until May.

Mark Twain once said, “If you don’t like New England weather, wait a few minutes.” As of the writing of this newsletter, I’ve watched the snow-filled morning make way for partially sunny skies. So sure, let the lion continue to roar, but after that the lamb will be set to deliver sun-filled days and soft slashing turns to take our pack to yet more bountiful lands.

See you on the mountain,
John Bleh