Something For Everyone

With different hobbies come different circles. Picture those who you like to travel with, play games with, enjoy certain types of food with. In any given situation there are always going to be folks with different tastes and preferences.

The beauty of skiing is that you can adapt it to make it fit anyone’s preferences or lifestyle. You like skiing in the trees, but your family prefers to stick to the groomers. No worries, you duck into the woods, and they’ll meet back up with you at the lift. Your kiddo wants to get their adrenaline pumping with some steep stuff, but you’re a little worried about your knees. Good thing there are plenty of blue squares around for the easier way down. Looking to stick to Sugarbush and avoid the weekend crowds? We’ve got the Sugarbush Local Pass. But if you’re looking to branch out and explore other mountains near and far, an Ikon Pass can help with that.

Being out on the mountain is a safe space. There’s no divide. Skiers and snowboarders share the lifts and trails without thinking twice. Teenagers high-five little ones when they land a trick they’ve been trying to nail for hours. Tables are shared by strangers when the spring sun is just too perfect to not soak up on Rumble’s patio or in the Lincoln Peak Courtyard, which happens pretty frequently now that we’ve moved our clocks forward. Heck, people have been taking turns on ice luges on select weekends at the Umbrella Bar.

No matter how you choose to spend your day out on the hill or for après, there’s a place for everyone at Sugarbush. Celebrate communities far and wide, and close by, at our very first Pride Weekend this weekend. If you prefer spring slush over winter fluff, celebrate the changing of seasons next week with Pond Skimming and our second annual Spring Fling concert.

So, grab your favorite people, anyone and everyone, and head to the hill this spring. You can even treat them to lift tickets with a Quad Pack or two, usable as soon as you buy.

See you in the sunshine,

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