The Best Part of Our Daily Snow Reports

If you skied at Sugarbush this past winter, in all likelihood you checked the snow report. What’s open, what’s groomed, how much snow fell overnight, what’s the current uphill policy; all pieces of the puzzle that make up our daily reporting. And if you checked the report out anytime from Saturday-Tuesday, you would have reading Benny Jerome’s reports.

All of our snow reporters have their own unique style, and as a great cup of coffee into the industry, there’s also typically a lot of turnover with our snow reporters as they move up into other roles at Sugarbush or around the industry. They’re remembered in various ways among the brain trust here, but there was one thing specifically Benny did every single day that will remain one of the most memorable snow reporter quirks of all time. It was simple. It was also amazing. Every day in his snow report email, Benny would sign off with a different nickname. Every single day. Names like Benny “Mogul Man” Jerome or Benny “Harry Potter and the Camber of Secrets” Jerome.

The problem for you, our esteemed guest, is that he only did these in our internal Sugarbush emails, so you didn’t see them all year long. Well, until now. I’ve compiled a full list of Benny’s signatures for you to peruse at your behest.

If you have a general understanding of the season, weather events, and various hot topics around the resort or in the industry, some of these names are all the more funny. Benny “Staying Positive” Jerome on New Year’s Day is great both from a conditions standpoint at the time and likely his current mood snow reporting after a late night. He went through a presidential phase with George Way-Backington, Thomas Jester-son, and Barack O-Bravo. He often strung together various trail references like The Notorious F.I.S. and Coffee, Stills, Nash, & Run.

My favorites, however, are just the really good names not necessarily tied a theme. The aforementioned Harry Potter reference, Ice Cassidy & The Corduroy Kid, Granular Godfather, Snow Stake Centurion, Off-Piste Paladin, Hell or Hi Road. All kept us chuckling through the mornings. Every single nickname was used as his middle name, except for his very first day. I’ll never forget training him at 6:00 AM in Valley House and him sending his first internal email with the signature Bluebird Benny. Amused, I figured that was how he’d want to be called all year. Turns out it was just one of 78 different signatures. Whatever, Bluebird Benny is still how he’s saved in my phone.

Benny is moving out west next winter on a migration route many a ski industry alum has traversed, and we wish him all the best. You can check out the full list of his names below.

Date First Name Middle Name Last Name
12/3/2022 Bluebird Benny
12/4/2022 Benny Snowball Jerome
12/5/2022 Benny Spring Chicken Jerome
12/6/2022 Benny Mogul Man Jerome
12/10/2022 Benny Ski Pole Jerome
12/11/2022 Benny Cabin Cat Jerome
12/12/2022 Benny Snow Stake Jerome
12/13/2022 Benny Double Blue Square Jerome
12/18/2022 Benny No Edge Necessary Jerome
12/19/2022 Benny Lift Lines Jerome
12/20/2022 Benny Iceman Jerome
12/24/2022 Benny Bomb Cyclone Jerome
12/25/2022 Benny Mercury Mediator Jerome
12/26/2022 Benny Snow Stake Centurion Jerome
12/27/2022 Benny Snowzilla Jerome
12/31/2022 Benny Polar Vortex Jerome
1/1/2023 Benny Staying Positive Jerome
1/2/2023 Benny Cloud Connoisseur Jerome
1/3/2023 Benny Granular Godfather Jerome
1/7/2023 Benny Ice Cassidy & The Corduroy Kid Jerome
1/8/2023 Benny The Dusting Delegate Jerome
1/9/2023 Benny The Biff Baron Jerome
1/10/2023 Benny Cold Smoke Court Martial Jerome
1/14/2023 Benny La Nina’s Nephew Jerome
1/15/2023 Benny Harry Potter and the Camber of Secrets Jerome
1/16/2023 Benny Ziggy Stein-dust Jerome
1/17/2023 Benny Sleet Home Alabama Jerome
1/21/2023 Benny Snopocalypse Now Jerome
1/22/2023 Benny Derek & The Domino Chutes Jerome
1/23/2023 Benny Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Gate Jerome
1/24/2023 Benny Of Mice and Mainstream Jerome
1/28/2023 Benny Rumbles in the Jungles Jerome
1/29/2023 Benny Wasting Away Again in Spillsville Jerome
1/30/2023 Benny Coffee, Stills, Nash, & Run Jerome
1/31/2023 Benny The Poma to Momma Jerome
2/4/2023 Benny I Can’t Feel My Face Jerome
2/5/2023 Benny Full Metal Jester Jerome
2/6/2023 Benny Shawshank Riemergasse Jerome
2/7/2023 Benny Gone With The Waterfall Jerome
2/11/2023 Benny Dear Mr. F.I.S. Play Us A Tune Jerome
2/12/2023 Benny Hell or Hi Road Jerome
2/13/2023 Benny 2001: A Ski Odyssey Jerome
2/14/2023 Benny Do You Have a Trail Map, Cuz You Got Me Lost In Paradise Jerome
2/18/2023 Benny George Way-Backington Jerome
2/19/2023 Benny Thomas Jester-son Jerome
2/20/2023 Benny Barack O-Bravo Jerome
2/21/2023 Benny Snow Wars: A New Hope Jerome
2/25/2023 Benny El Nino’s Nightmare Jerome
2/26/2023 Benny Second Thoughts Jerome
2/27/2023 Benny 2 Tickets to Paradise Jerome
2/28/2023 Benny Free Refills Jerome
3/4/2023 Benny Snow Rapture Jerome
3/5/2023 Benny Snow Wars: The Powder Menace Jerome
3/6/2023 Benny Going To The Mall Jerome
3/7/2023 Benny F.I.S., Frozen in Snow Jerome
3/11/2023 Benny Off-Piste Paladin Jerome
3/12/2023 Benny The Solar Specter Jerome
3/13/2023 Benny Rider of the Storm Jerome
3/14/2023 Benny Sierra Cement Jerome
3/18/2023 Benny Shorter Than The Snowpack Jerome
3/19/2023 Benny Rumspringa Renegade Jerome
3/20/2023 Benny Ostara Jerome
3/21/2023 Benny Cornice Collateral Jerome
3/22/2023 Benny Phantom of Spring Fling Jerome
3/25/2023 Benny Sleet Caroline Jerome
3/26/2023 Benny Powdered Concrete Jerome
3/27/2023 Benny The Notorious F.I.S. Jerome
4/4/2023 Benny Spring Chicken Jerome
4/8/2023 Benny Spring Flinger Jerome
4/9/2023 Benny House of the Rising Sun Jerome
4/10/2023 Benny Summer’s Breeze Jerome
4/11/2023 Benny Mr. Blue Sky Jerome
4/15/2023 Benny Sunshine On Your Love Jerome
4/16/2023 Benny Easy (Like Sunday Morning) Jerome
4/17/2023 Benny Have You Ever Seen The Rain Jerome
4/18/2023 Benny Island In The Sun Jerome
4/22/2023 Benny The Last Waltz Jerome
4/23/2023 Benny Mary Jane’s Last Dance Jerome

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