Get Ready to Boogie at Spring Fling with G. Love

Get Ready to Boogie at Spring Fling with G. Love

It’s ~officially~ spring and we are just stoked with all of the snow and our favorite events coming up! Before you know it, we’ll be enjoying prime spring skiing and stripping down to tees in the courtyard soaking up alllll the sunshine we can get. We are excited to announce the artists who will be joining us a Spring Fling this April 13th! For those who don’t know, Spring Fling is an annual outdoor concert we host to signify the start of spring. It’s a day filled with live music that keeps the courtyard hoppin’ into the evening, lots of food and bev to be had, oh, and soft turns all day long. It’s the biggest event of the season that you will not want to miss.

Performing Artists

G. Love

This year we’ll be welcoming back G. Love to headline the third annual Spring Fling. The Grammy-nominated artist will take the stage Saturday, April 13th to bring his genre-bending sound of Folk, Blues and Hip Hop to the Lincoln Peak Courtyard. Spend a day soaking up the sun and a sound NPR called a “musical melting pot.”

Reed Foehl

Grammy-nominated songwriter Reed Foehl writes stories of the human condition with a lyric and voice that push boundaries while paying homage to tradition. Dusty and patient, his music is genuine Folk/Americana. 

Stephen Kellogg

Whether he’s playing music or doing stand-up, his shows leave people inspired and restored. A mix of music, humor and storytelling, each performance paints a unique canvas that covers the full spectrum of human emotions. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll go home with a full heart.

Lincoln Peak Courtyard 1 – 7PM. Free entry.

Through Sugarbush’s Be Better Here we’re asking your help to support the Mad River Valley’s Community Food Pantry. It would be more than greatly appreciated if you brought a NON-PERISHABLE food donation. Volunteers will be on hand.

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