Prepare for Spring and Perfect Your Golf Swing This Winter

Golf through the winter in Vermont???? Golf Lessons too? It is possible!

The Sugarbush Resort has installed 3 state of the art HD Sports Simulators. The simulators offer 32 different sports activities to stay active and have fun. Obviously the most fun one to me is golf, and the most important one I can share with others. There are 45 golf courses from around the world to choose from that can be played without having to consider the weather, having to replace a divot, and hopefully not losing a ball. There are also many driving ranges and short game practice facilities to try out. The simulator also allows you to practice with great feedback and technical support. You will be able to hit golf balls onto a driving range and with each swing receive relevant and trackable golf stats. The more you practice, the more you will be able see and feel improvement.

HD Golf Teaching Package

Not only are you be able to continue swinging a golf club, but you are able to spend some time with yours truly in the KING SWING LAB! The simulator in room #1 is enhanced with the HD golf teaching package. This package includes 2 types of video (face on and down the line), a weight transfer pad, and 16 important swing matrix numbers (swing speed, carry distance, back spin) just to name a few. We can compare each club to learn how far they ACTUALLY go. Learn your carry numbers as well and your consistent ball flight. Once you know those, then we work on improving them and understanding why it happens.

The value in being able to continue your golf swing journey through the winter months is immeasurable.

Taking the time to work on your swing indoors can help with:

  • Strengthening your golf muscles
  • Elevating your golf swing
  • Allowing you to be better prepared for when they spring golf season starts
  • Keeping active in a fun way is never a bad idea
  • Working with Roger to increase your knowledge of the mechanics to your golf swing
  • Improving your golf numbers will decrease your golf score when spring comes
  • Practicing short game swings and putting

We are able to video every swing during the lesson. You will then be able to go onto and review the lesson. When you come back for our next session, we will review and build off the prior lesson to further improve your golf swing. Swing comparisons and improvements are vital to getting better at this great game of golf.

Along with this great system, the golf staff has teamed up with the SHARC staff to offer a great way to stay active and fit. Melani Simon is offering a class called “Fit for Golf”. The golf staff has started the training and already seeing results in our flexibility, strength, and balance. Reach out to Melanie at the SHARC to schedule a time to get started.

See ya at the Simulators!

Please reach out to Roger via his email ( or phone (802-272-0958) to set up a lesson. Please feel free to email, call, or text with any questions. If you are interested in booking a bay for practice or gaming fun, please go online to or call the SHaRC at 802-583-6700.

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