Sports Simulator Suites at Sugarbush

32 New Ways to Immerse Yourself at Sugarbush with the Sports SIM Suites

Exciting things have been brewing over at the Sugarbush Health and Recreation Center. If you’ve been in the past few weeks, you may have noticed a lot going on in the squash court and racquet ball court area. Big changes have come, with 3 new immersive sport simulators suites! This is nothing like anything else we’ve ever offered here at Sugarbush. What feels like an escape to a different reality is the perfect contrast to outdoor adventuring all day. It’s the best of both worlds.

What is a sport simulator anyway?

I wasn’t so sure at first either. But now, as popular as ever, popping up all over the place are these huge interactive gaming systems. Although, they are more than that. With cameras and sensors to catch your every move, you as the player feel inserted into any of the games you choose to play. Track your golf swing and improve your shot, fight off zombie attacks with dodge balls, test your soccer scoring skills, or play a round of carnival games. There’s more options to choose from than you’ll know what to do with! In front of an 8-foot projection screen, use real sport equipment to shoot, toss, and aim for real actions that are translated virtually into the game. There’s endless ways to enjoy our Sports SIM suites.

The unique part of Sugarbush’s suites

Find 3 simulators located at the SHaRC and feel transported from Sugarbush. Each simulator has its own suite. With a lounge-like atmosphere, these are best enjoyed with friends or family. Find reclining leather couches, tables, sip on drinks, and indulge in the ultimate après fun. Each suite is available to reserve online for just yourself, all 3 for wedding guests and corporate events, and more. Plus, if you’re a “serious” golfer or someone just looking to shave a stroke or two from your game, Sugarbush golf pro Roger King is available for private lessons guiding you through course play and using the suites’ hi-tech swing analyzers to improve your game.

Learn more and find out how to experience high-tech fun at Sugarbush!

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