Sugarbush Across the Seasons: From Green to Gold

There’s something bittersweet about the changing of the seasons. Usually the feelings come in that order too. First – bitter. Bitter that the current season is coming to an end. A reminder that time waits for no one. The moments to relish in what’s currently happening are fleeting and easy to take advantage of. But taking advantage of time is never in anyone’s best interest. Next, is sweet. A sweet excitement perhaps. Something new is coming, or maybe it’s a chance to look forward to better times. Each season these feelings come and go, and if you try to romanticize your life, even just a little, they’re hard to ignore. They bring a sense of sadness and anxiety, but also that feeling of nostalgia and hope for what’s next. All too often, especially here in Vermont, we’re always looking forward – typically to winter. But, there’s no rush. There’s beauty in the change and everything in between. So I urge you to take a step back. Don’t wait and want for what’s next, when there’s plenty to take in right in front of you. As a wise, charming, high school protagonist once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

See the change from summer to fall captured at Sugarbush

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