New Year's Resolutions, Sugarbush Style

New Year’s Resolutions, Sugarbush Style

Happy New Year! Over here at Sugarbush, we’re welcoming 2024 with open arms. After a wonderfully snowy start to the 23/24 season, a lovely family-filled holiday week of events, plus waking up to some fresh snow on NYE and New Year’s Day…we’re a happy bunch! I’m keeping up with the tradition this year of sharing some Sugarbush-centric ideas to add to your resolution list. Check in with our list from last year, and see if you accomplished any! This year focuses on simplicity at its finest. All in all, these are just some pretty general suggestions to help you hone in your resolutions on and off the mountain this year. Though, no matter how you view it, our goal is always to get you outside. Here are a few of our favorite ways to explore the mountain while maybe squeezing in a broader resolution or two.

Challenge yourself

This one is for all the go-getters. Something that I know I’ll be adding to my list this year is being more intentional. Especially with how I challenge myself. Challenging yourself can be as easy as taking advantage of The Sugarbush App to earn badges. Work off an already curated list of challenges to complete every season. Get onto the mountain, track yourself at your own pace, or even compete with friends. This also works on the other end of the spectrum, by making yourself slow down if you need it. Schedule in some much needed rest. Or, if you just can’t sit still, maybe try exploring the woods on your own for some peace on any of our snowshoe trails.

Do more of what you love

I know as many others do too, live happily in my comfort zone. But, an easy way to get me motivated to keep pushing that boundary is starting out right where I’m content. Adding one or two things to my list that I know I’ll absolutely love to do makes it that much easier to start that checking-off boxes process. And once I start checking I won’t want to stop! Whatever that looks like for you, skiing daily, early morning turns, or post-work runs, grow from what you know.

Try something new

Well, I couldn’t just leave you with the validation you need to stay in your comfort zone! We wouldn’t get anywhere in 2024 if we stayed put, would we? Our mountain has terrain for every level, new adventures around every corner, and so much more. Take this resolution literally and try tons of new equipment with our 4theBest Demo Pack! Switch out gear a few times a day, 4 days this season, and feel good knowing you mixed up your routine a bit. Or, swap your skis for a board, or the other way around, and take a lesson! There are more ways to expand your horizon at Sugarbush than you might think.

Check these fun activities off your list!