Chairlift Confessions: Secrets and Untold Stories From You

We all collect stories daily as we journey through life. Most are mundane or relatable, and some can be surprising or just plain weird. And, if they’re shocking enough, sometimes those stories we collect never make it to the surface – until now. I can clearly imagine the type of moments that happen where I run to my phone to immediately relay the bizarre events to my friends. Those types of moments are exactly what we asked you to share with us. We collected submissions to hear your juiciest stories from the mountain.

We received a wide variety of odd memories from you all. Some were just plain embarrassing and some left me wanting to ask 100 more questions. From accidents you never want to relive to near death experiences, we heard it all. If you’re like me and you love to live for a little bit of tea completely unrelated to your life, then you’re in luck. I’m sharing the top submissions here, anonymously. And if you happen to see your own submission in this post, well, it’s up to you if you want to keep that secret or not.

Anonymous Confessions

“I was on a chairlift in New Hampshire probably about 75% up and a chair fell off the cable”

“A stranger farted, looked at me and said, that’s pretty bad isn’t it?”

“I once accidentally spat on a skier”

“Buddy of mine whipped out a box of cold Eggo waffles and munched on ’em”

“Finding someone’s lost credit card then running into them on the lift!”

“Had a stranger tell me they were planning to break up with their girlfriend on the chair behind us at the end of the day. He planned to do it weeks ago, but already bought their tickets and didn’t want to waste them.”

“I had oysters and wine on Castlerock lift”

“My family and I yodel from the chairlift much to the amusement of people skiing”

“I skied up to my husband and declared I had a bat in the cave…it wasn’t my husband”

“Ducked the rope and saw some dusters bumping uglies”

“I saw a man’s wee as he was wizzing on the side of a woods trail…embarrassing for all!”

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