A Very Sugarbush Valentine’s Day: Perfect Pickup Lines for Skiers

One of the best parts about Valentine’s Day growing up was getting a card from everyone in your class. Exchanging notes of sweet sentiment filled with cheesy puns and a candy heart or two. Once the pressure hit in middle school, well, that’s when the resent for the holiday really settled in. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to appreciate it as the perfect excuse to celebrate anything. Your partner, best friends, or yourself. A sappy Valentine’s Day isn’t really my thing, but an excuse to eat a decadent dessert, have a fun night out, or just stay in and watch my favorite rom-coms, definitely is. To kick up the nostalgia factor we’re serving you up the perfect pickup lines for skiers. So, get in the singles line and shoot your shot.

Classic Skier Pickup Lines

Am I seeing double? Because you’re a diamond in the rough

I hope the safety bar is secure because I think I’m falling for you!

Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I ski by again…

Patrol must be doing avalanche control because I just found a bombshell

So I noticed you in the singles line earlier…

Pickup Lines for Your Sugarbush Crush

Did they name a trail after you? Because Lookin’ Good has you written all over it

With a name like Heaven’s Gate it’s only right to ride it with an angel like you

I just rode Sugar Run but it wasn’t nearly as sweet as you!

I’d walk to Middle Earth and back just to buy you a drink.

Do you have a trail map? Because you got me lost in Paradise

Wanna take run a down Domino so you can take a chance on me? 

Is your favorite trail Organgrinder because you’re tearing my heart to pieces! 

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