A Day on the Gatehouse Patio

Sugarbush on Ice

One of my favorite parts about working at Sugarbush is how I meet such interesting and kind people. Every day I get to see our guests truly enjoy themselves on our mountains. Whether it a “hamster nod” in the Super Bravo Lift line or someone pouring their heart out on the Heaven’s Gate chair, it’s incredible what you can find about someone in just a few minutes. Over the MLK weekend I helped promote the marketing department’s #MySugarbush campaign and the Sugarbush Mosaic. Two campaigns that highlight your experience and create a strong sense of place for new or returning guests. In these campaigns we are encouraging skiers and riders to show their side of Sugarbush. What does a powder day on Castle Rock look like from the our faithful guests? How does a chocolatey waffle taste from the Waffle Cabin? What’s your favorite beer at Rumbles? Or your favorite trails at Mt. Ellen? We want to know!

So, Who’s at Sugarbush?

We wanted to hear from as many of you as we could. In order to spread the word, our fearless marketing leaders decided on a polaroid style ice-sculpture. With #MySugarbush expertly carved into the base, it was a perfect set-up for families, friends, and couples to create a lasting Sugarbush memory. Better yet, we took the photos for them! That way everyone could join in on the fun and become part of the #MySugarbush history. Over the course of the day, I met folks from all over the country and many walks of life. I met one gentleman who was skiing west of the Mississippi River for the first time in his life! He had to admit that he was pleasantly surprised at how great the conditions and the skiers are! I also met a couple who, the day before, became engaged at the top of North Lynx after a sunrise cat-tour. Lastly, I even met a group of friends who have been coming to Sugarbush on this same weekend for the past 26 years!

From first timers to the old guard, and young to old, everyone had a smile on their face this weekend. I don’t know if it was the long weekend, the beautiful weather, or all the Mini-Blazers trying to lick the ice sculpture – but I know I am proud to work at Sugarbush. A mountain that can provide such an experience that truly bolsters happiness and has the determination to cater to such a wide demographic of guests. 

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