The One Year Anniversary

One year ago this Saturday I had completed day 99 and was looking forward to joining the century club when everything came to an abrupt halt. It was an inelegant way to end the season and difficult at the time, but it was the right decision in hindsight. It really is hard to believe one year has passed already. We have all had to learn to cope, to adjust, and to change behavior. It was easier for some than for others and many have suffered great hardship. I have admired the fortitude of our Valley businesses and am pleased to see how our community has supported them these past twelve months.

I have also been pleased and impressed with what the Sugarbush team has done in this challenging environment to allow all of us to enjoy the season. Being able to hit the slopes most days since the December opening has made for a much more enjoyable winter than otherwise would have seemed fathomable. I know that the entire team has worked especially hard this winter to provide us with as good an experience as possible. Mother Nature helped a fair amount beginning in early January too. I do not recall a better several week stretch of terrific skiing.

March and April has always been one of the great months historically at Sugarbush. Not only are the skies bluer and the snow softer, but activities, events, and après are in full bloom. Unfortunately., COVID guidelines will most likely limit the fun events and outdoor bands. I had to break the news to my grandchildren that pond skimming will not happen again this spring, but I am sure it will be back next year along with the other traditional things that make for fun adventure and camaraderie in the spring here at The Bush.

While no longer involved in the management of Sugarbush I and my family are still as vested  in the community and looking forward to enjoying this special place for years to come. Wednesday was day 82 for me (78 here at The Bush), and I am looking forward to hitting 100 before the end of March and finishing the lift accessed season the first weekend of May along with some golf.

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