#MySugarbush Weekly Stories 3/13

My Sugarbush is all about the collective love of this mountain. You can read all about the full campaign, but I’m really here to talk to you about the contest. That’s right, we’re giving away tons of good stuff. Every week you take to the lifts and share your memories on social media with the tag #MySugarbush, and we pick out our favorites to give away that good Sugarbush schwag. Each post is thrown into a live mosaic that slowly reveals itself as the season progresses. The more you add, the more the image will come to life. Each week, I’m going to be sharing our favorite posts right here. From the winner to all the runner-ups, or just personal favorites – their stories will be here.

Our Top Posts

“A bunch of non-social media savvy old guys (old friends!) enjoying Sugarbush on a sunny March 3…the calm before the storm. A glorious day!” -Eric H.

No need to be social media savvy to enjoy Sugarbush! The best part about being on the mountain is being disconnected from the world and in your own element. All these bluebird days between storms are perfect for just that! We’re so glad Eric and his pals were able to enjoy a picture-perfect bluebird day!

“Sometimes the best part of skiing at #MySugarbush is the end of the day @lawsonsfinest Castlerock IPA outside. Please don’t ask to see his ID… he left it at home. Will try to remember next time.” -@jmfox1985

I’d like to après any day with this little guy! There’s nothing better than enjoying the mountain with a group of your closest ski buddies. And when your beloved fur buddies can join you in the courtyard too, well, it makes for an all around great day!

““Take a Break”
To enjoy the view! Atop of Lincoln peak at the observation deck.” -@julia.paxman

Sugarbush really just has views that don’t quit. Throw in some freshies and a bluebird day and it’s absolute perfection. We couldn’t agree with Julia more, take a break! And by that we mean, take your lunch break here and enjoy more fresh powder we’ve got coming our way. Don’t worry – we won’t tell your boss!

Weekly Winner

This week’s winner snatched up the prize for just absolutely sending it! These powder shots say it all. Benny does not shy away from getting after it and that’s the excitement we love to see. The buzz around each and every storm surrounds the mountain like a vibration that everyone shares. Benny’s sweet shots earned him this week’s prize of a $25 Sugarbush gift card and non-holiday lift ticket!


Prizes will be awarded on a weekly basis from 11/19/22 – 5/7/23

  • Weekly Contest – winner gets a $25 Sugarbush gift card and non-holiday lift ticket
  • Monthly Contest – winner gets a $100 Sugarbush gift card and brand-new GoPro
  • Season Long Contest – winner gets a $500 gift card and a weekend ski or golf getaway for two (two nights in Clay Brook Hotel with two days of golf or skiing for two people, non-holiday)

Become a winner! See how with the full contest details

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