This is My Sugarbush…What’s Yours?

Not too long ago our marketing team experienced a real “a-ha!” moment. We had come to the – in hindsight pretty obvious – realization that a large part of our work was based on telling you what Sugarbush is all about. You: the avid Sugarbush fan. You: the skier of a thousand stories, a thousand experiences.

But let’s face it…who are we to tell you what Sugarbush means to you? Nobody understands your relationship with this mountain better than you do. We now realize that. Yet we also realize that mountains have within them millions of stories, pretty much all of which are told by all of you.

And so, this year we’re planning to share with you what “My Sugarbush” is. But it comes with a catch. We also want to know “What’s Yours?” You see we could spend all season sharing our own Sugarbush anecdotes, but we’re hoping this winter you’ll share your own Sugarbush stories and experiences with us through whatever means speaks to you: photos, videos, essays, sonnets, and everything in between.

Why would you do that you ask? Well, aside from the obvious joys of storytelling, all winter long we’ll be giving out prizes for our favorite submissions. We’re talking cold hard cash (well gift cards but you get the idea). Need more incentive? We’re piling on even more prizes. There are three main contests that all submissions will automatically be entered in:

Prizes will be awarded on a weekly basis from 11/19/22 – 5/7/23

  • Weekly Contest – winner gets a $20 Sugarbush gift card and non-holiday lift ticket
  • Monthly Contest – winner gets a $100 Sugarbush gift card and brand-new GoPro
  • Season Long Contest – winner gets a $500 gift card and a weekend ski or golf getaway for two (two nights in Clay Brook Hotel with two days of golf or skiing for two people, non-holiday)

Feeling a little more loose-lipped now? Ready to share? There are two ways to participate. The easiest is to just post on your social media with #MySugarbush. We’ll pick our favorite posts with that hashtag and dish out prizes based on the timing above. Plus you may even see your posts displayed around the resort or used in other forms of media. You can also submit through an entry form on our My Sugarbush webpage.

You’re going to see us asking the phrase, “This is My Sugarbush…What’s Yours?” a lot in the coming months. And we hope you’ll join us in sharing the ups and downs, carves and pillow lines, après beers and Walt’s grilled cheeses of the season. Plus, you just might win some sweet prizes if you do.

Learn more about our My Sugarbush campaign and contest.