There is SO MUCH Music This Summer

*Avengers voice* There was an idea…to make Sugarbush the entertainment hub of the Valley.

And aside from all the events we’re drumming up between July 4th, bike races, and Throwdown Thursdays, we’ve gone all in on loading this summer up with as much music as possible. After all, tunes outside with a warm summer breeze on your face and cool drink in your hand are something everyone can buy into. Bored at home looking for something to do? Boom, melodic mania. Trying to entertain some out of town guests? Bang, total tunage. Looking to dance the day away? Pow, cool chords.

Sometimes you hear the phrase, “I wish there was more to do in the Valley in the summer.” Consider this our answering call. We loaded up 54 separate musical acts throughout the summer across several categories: Friday Night Music at Hogan’s Pub, Music on the Mountain, Live Music in the Lincoln Peak Courtyard, Throwdown Thursdays, and July 4th. You can take a look at every band and date below.

Plus, that doesn’t even include Grateful Gravel, which will have Zac Nugent performing Cornell, 5/8/77 in its entirety on July 29th!

Looking for someone to thank for a lot of this sweet music? Hunt no further than Lawson’s Finest Liquids, who is sponsoring our Music on the Mountain series, Live Music in the Lincoln Peak Courtyard series, and all of our July 4th music. Community partners for the win.

So come join us for a little music, whether it’s just to have a drink, grab a meal, partake in some activities, or dance your little heart out. Summer tunes will be in the air for the next several months.

Friday Night Music at Hogan’s Pub

  • 5/26     Detonators
  • 6/2       Wayne and Guy
  • 6/9       Coane, Rowell and Schabner
  • 6/16     Kind Bud and Nug
  • 6/23     Kip and Coe
  • 6/30     Shrimptunes
  • 7/7       Coane, Rowell and Schabner
  • 7/14     Kind Bud and Nug
  • 7/21     Cavan Curren and friends
  • 7/28     Medicine Tribe
  • 8/4       Some Hollow
  • 8/11    VT Bluegrass Pioneers
  • 8/18    John Lackard Band
  • 8/25    Hoh Down
  • 9/1      Shrimptunes
  • 9/8      Abby and Bart
  • 9/15    Detonators
  • 9/22    VT Bluegrass Pioneers
  • 9/29   Canney and Friends
  • 10/6   Detonators

Music on the Mountain

  • 6/24   Kind Bud and Nug
  • 7/8     Hoh Down
  • 8/5     Kip and Coe
  • 8/19  Ragged Company
  • 9/2    Al’s Pals
  • 9/16  Medicine Tribe
  • 9/30  Cavan Curren and Friends

Live Music in the Lincoln Peak Courtyard

  • 7/29  Hoh Down
  • 8/12  GuitFiddle
  • 8/26  Kind Bud and Nug
  • 9/9    Some Hollow
  • 9/23  Kip and Coe

July 4th Weekend

  • 7/1 Cavan Curren and Friends 1-4pm
  • 7/1 Devon McGarry Band 5-9pm
  • 7/2 Kip and Coe 1-4pm
  • 7/2 The Grift 5-9pm
  • 7/3 GuitFiddle 1-4pm
  • 7/3 Al’s Pal’s 5-9pm
  • 7/4 Wayne and Guy 1-4pm
  • 7/4 Detonators 5-9pm

Throw Down Thursdays

  • 6/29  Detonators
  • 7/6    Pillsbury Slowboys
  • 7/13  Funkleberries
  • 7/20  Prof Morse Band
  • 7/27  Shrimptunes
  • 8/3    Honeywell
  • 8/10  Detonators
  • 8/17  Abby Jenne Band
  • 8/24 Phineas Gage
  • 8/31 Sugar Shack
  • 9/7   Medicine Tribe
  • 9/14 John Lackard Band
  • 9/21 Amerikana Blue
  • 9/28 Detonators