Introducing the TBD ticket...our Third Best Deal for the season

Introducing the TBD ticket…our Third Best Deal for the season

You’re probably thinking, why are they advertising for their THIRD best ticket deal? Well because we have a few great deals that go around every season, (you know Quad Packs and the new TLC Pass) so guests can avoid paying ticket window prices. This deal happens to be the third best of those deals we offer. Here’s the thing, if we can help you all to avoid paying day-of prices whether online or in person, we will! Every promotional email, blog post, and Instagram story promoting these deals is not just to get you to buy a ticket, seemingly so far in advanced. Your wallet will thank you when you did.

Third Best Deal Ticket

The charm of this ticket? It’s $99 and comes with an additional FREE ticket. Yep. That is in fact a better deal than Quad Packs. But, what makes it the third best deal is a few stipulations it comes with. Nothing too crazy but, keep these in mind. These are not refundable (gotta use them by the end of this season) and aren’t transferable, and some peak days throughout the season will have limited availability. There is a limited amount of these, meaning when they’re gone, they’re gone. That being said, the TBD ticket is a great deal if you’re only going to make it up 2-3 days and you like free stuff. And that free ticket offer lands on your choice of your choice of Fat Tuesday 2/13/24 (best snowy time of the season?!) or any one day, April 1st through the end of the 23/24 season.

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