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Here’s Where Things Stand

I wanted to provide a quick update to everyone on where a number of things currently stand. The only problem is, you’re quickly going to realize that it isn’t much of an update at all. But rather than stay silent for a few more days, I wanted to at least acknowledge some of the outstanding items that you’re all eager to hear about. Of course, if you simply want to know about our operational changes this winter, you can view that all right here. Everything below is naturally subject to change, but here’s where some of these outstanding items stand right now.

Opening Day

As you already know, we had to delay our Opening Day scheduled for this weekend due to a lack of snow. The recent warm-up, and subsequent warm-up happening right now, have altered our snowmaking plans. Right now we’re making snow off of Heaven’s Gate since base temps have been too warm. That means we will likely adjust what terrain we plan to have available when we do open. We’ll be sending out updates and updating our snow report as soon as we have a set Opening Day in mind.

Lift tickets

We currently expect to have lift tickets to sell soon, very likely next week. We will be sending out an email and updating our website when the official day is set. You will know ahead of the sale date, so you can plan ahead to purchase. Remember that certain days are only going to have a fixed number of tickets for sale.

State Attestation

You may have heard that the state is requiring ski areas to ask their guests to complete an attestation that they will remain in compliance with all current travel guidelines before they can ski or snowboard this winter. We are currently finalizing a process for that and it should be ready soon. When tickets go on sale, you will complete the attestation in the purchasing process. But for those who have already purchased season passes, you will need to follow the instructions we will be providing soon before your pass is activated.

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