A Look Into The Height of the Season at Sugarbush with Stats and Fun Facts

Each winter season includes 3 big holiday periods for us in the ski resort industry. Christmas in December, MLK Weekend in January, and President’s Week in February. These periods are always our busiest times of the ski season. If you’ve been here on a Saturday over a holiday, you understand. Because of the number of guests we see visiting the mountain during those times, we often see a spike in just about every area of operation across the mountain! Lodging bookings go up, food sales skyrocket, and we pack a calendar full of events for everyone to enjoy. It’s not unusual that we see unique statistics and occasionally recording breaking numbers during these busy periods. I’ve decided to gather this info from our first two holiday periods this season and share it all with you! I love a little behind the scenes peek at just about anything, so if you’re one of those people too, I think you’ll enjoy this. See how many slices of pizza we’ve sold, how many hours our lifts have fun so far, some unique snowmaking stats and more! Just imagine how these will differ at the end of the season.

Take a look at our Year in Review including last season’s record breaking stats!

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