Getting Ready For The Links After a Long Winter

The 2021 golf season is finally upon us.  We had some great weather early, but as we all know, Mother Nature can be fickle.  The early nice weather was replaced by rain, and sub 50 degrees.  That being said, the extended forecast looks great and so does the golf course.

People always ask what they can do to get ready to golf after a long winter of great skiing at the Sugarbush Resort.

Here are a few things that work for me:

1.      Think about your goals for the season.  Do you want to lower your handicap, play more, improve a particular part of your game?  Figure it out and let me know.  I am certain I can help with a great plan to make these goals happen.  My goals are to get my kids out on the course with me more, play better in the NEPGA Section Championship, and win the VTPGA Northstar Fireworks Player of the Year race.

2.     Make sure your body is ready.  Work on stretching your golf muscles before every round, and really every day. Muscles that are important for your golf swing are the back, core, and the often forgotten hip muscles.  Any stretching is good, but proper stretching will insure better performance and less pain.  I focus a ton on stretching my lower back, hip flexors, and hamstrings.  Each person is different, but overall health is never a bad thing.

3.     Short game, short game, short game.  Start by practicing your chipping and putting as soon as you can get on grass.  As much as we love to “rip” drivers on the range, the short game will help our scoring throughout our golfing journey.  My thoughts are to minimize the bad chips, get the ball closer to the hole, and work on keeping still while putting.

4.     Finally, experiment with new equipment.  I understand that we still need to make a decent swing, but improved equipment will help without a doubt.  Technology helps the ball go further and straighter.  The new clubs will help the misfits end up in better spots (unfortunately we all have mishits J). I personally have updated my 3 wood, 7 wood, and wedges.  New wedges with good grooves allow you to control your golf ball in the ever important scoring area.  I also updated my golf bag.  Anyone who saw my golf bag last year would happily applaud this decision.

Reach out to me at or give us a ring at 802-583-6725 to set up a season starting lesson or club fitting.

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