A Look at the Junior Castlerock Extreme Results

This past weekend we hosted our annual Junior Castlerock Extreme Event. It is the premiere unconventional terrain competition in the East. This event was for skiers 14 and under to showcase their talent. Castlerock’s infamous terrain boasted a challenging and technical run for the competitors. It is no small feat for young skiers, and what a competition it turned out to be!

In total, there were about 70 young skiers putting their skills to the test down Castlerock’s Lift Line. Like many of our events here at Sugarbush, there was no shortage of high spirits, camaraderie, and support from both competitors and spectators. The course itself intensified the competition with exposed cliffs and a firm surface. But, as each young skier made their way down the slope, cheers could be heard from the lift encouraging each one! At the bottom of the run were the judges and parents creating an overwhelmingly supportive atmosphere for each competitor. It was a fierce competition with some great results!

U-10 Girls

1st Place: Elise Crichaton

2nd Place: Samantha Waite

3rd Place: Kassidy Karpinski

U-10 Boys

1st Place: Levi Oxman

2nd Place: Andrew Fryar

3rd Place: August Dalla

11-14 Girls

1st Place: Mathilde Fromigue

2nd Place: Ellen Smitas

3rd Place: Darcy Serpa

11-14 Boys

1st Place: Wyatt Babic

2nd Place: Charlie Lamonia

3rd Place: Ryan Lacey

Thank you to all the participants in the 2023 Junior Castlerock Extreme!

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