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The Annual Yearning

To a winter diehard fall foliage is the ultimate distraction, albeit a beautiful one. It marks the transition from beaches and bikes to bullwheels and black diamonds. Autumn always seems to have a way of lulling us into a pumpkin-spiced fog of forgetting what we’re really here for.

But when those final leaves drop, our brains snap back awake. Gone are the colors. Fled are the peepers. Closed are the apple orchards. It’s just…stick season. And as those distractions dissipate, our brains are free to wander. To look ahead towards colder days. To invite the winter hype. To yearn.

Thus have we arrived at the yearning stages of ski life. Our eyes are on the weather and the snow guns ready to fire. Plans are being made. Goals are being set. Dreams are being…dreamt? You’re going to get that first chair, catch that big storm, or perhaps finally land that big trick. Right now, with that yearning hunger, anything is possible. We just need the waiting to end to make it all a reality.

So consider this your final call to start things off on the right foot. It’s time to get to a gear swap, visit us at upcoming ski shows, or hop into a fitness class at the SHaRC. Do you have your pass? Did you know lift tickets are now on sale for the whole season? Or that Quad Packs go up in price this Monday at midnight and you can stay with us in December for 50% off all lodging? You know, proper preparation and all that.

As we all impatiently wait for the lifts to start spinning, continue to yearn. Perhaps this collective yearning will help get that thermometer to start dropping.

See you on the mountain,

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