three friends at mt. ellen

Collective Tale Weaving

Walk into a bar après ski and what do you typically find? How about in the car ride home after a long day on the hill? As the boots come off and the drinks go down, what permeates it all? Storytelling. The sharing of snowy experiences. Walking the line between fact and fiction, we all collectively weave tales about the day’s exploits. You hit this line. I ducked into these trees. Your friend skied Lift Line for the first time (with minimal crashes, no less). My daughter earned a chocolate waffle as an end-of-day reward.

Individually these stories are the mountain’s heartbeats, but cumulatively they create life – Sugarbush and all its history. From the Gadds founding this resort in 1958 to the wedding we hosted last weekend, to the good times shared at our upcoming Fresh Hops Fest, the stories grow infinitely in an ever-expanding Sugarbush universe.

The thing is, we as resort marketers can’t write that history ourselves. Which is why this year we’re inviting you onto the stage. Share your stories with us. Your ups and downs, accomplishments and embarrassments, and yes even tales woven on the border of truth and the stretching of it.

So add your name to the history books. Learn what #MySugarbush is all about. Join in on our contest and reap the rewards. If we’re to reminisce on our history and help write the next chapter of it, we’re going to need to collectively weave these tales.  

See you on the mountain,


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