Accessibility and Embracing the Climb

It’s easy to be destination driven. The desire to get to where you’re headed provides the mind with a bit of a buzz. But arriving at said destination can prove challenging. And challenges make it difficult to enjoy the trek, revel in the journey…be stunned by the views on the way up.  

Sometimes it can be hard to find the time, the money, even the desire to get moving in the first place. Maybe you’re not a decision maker. With so many places to go, honing in on a decision before yet another season comes and goes might even seem impossible. 

Enjoyment can seem elusive when there is A, B, and C to get done before you finally reach where you want to go. But hey, even through drives, cancelled flights, terminal naps, and possibly intrusive TSA checks, you can usually look over and see your favorite people going through it right there with you. Sometimes part of the journey is finding the things and the people worth going through it for. The things that make these treks and climbs…fun.  

Luckily (for most), there’s no TSA necessary to get to Sugarbush. Plus, we’ve been working on ways to make it easier for you to get here. We want to continue to cultivate a place that’s worth a drive. A place that makes taking the scenic route a no-brainer. This place is special. One that provides plenty of reasons to check it out, but it never hurts to throw in some incentives to do so. 

Maybe your ideal destination looks like walking out your door at Clay Brook, right to a hike up Lincoln Peak. Sweet treats a vacation necessity? Grab a maple creemee in the Lincoln Peak courtyard. After satisfying your sweet tooth, burn it off on one of the new Pelotons or a few laps in the outdoor pool at the Health and Rec Center. It’s all right here. 

No matter where you want your rambles and climbs to take you, we offer a little something for everyone here at Sugarbush. And for the rest of August, we’ll throw you an extra $100 to spend on whatever you’d like up here (and up to 30% off) should you book a Summer at Sugarbush package. 

Accessibility at its finest. 

See you on the slopes,  


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