The King 100 Hole Challenge: A Game for Giving Back

The King 100 Hole Challenge: A Game for Giving Back

Sugarbush is a special community that I have always found to be supportive of those they know and love.  I also feel the same can be said about a much larger community, the community that has been affected by cancer.  

This past fall and winter, these two communities collided for me personally and it was both a terrible and a heartwarming experience for us all.  My beautiful wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in the Fall of 2022.  Through diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, and months of recovery, we are on the other side and getting our bearings.  Throughout this challenging process, we have had so much support from the Sugarbush community, and my family and I are so grateful.

I couldn’t have known how important this support would be from the beginning to the end.  There were many friends, strangers, and organizations who stepped in and offered help in the most amazing ways.  In turn, I have always believed in giving back.  Now I am offering to give back and offer support, and I’d like to ask for your help.

On August 30th, I will be playing 100 holes of golf in 1 day and I’d love to have your support in this day-long challenge. 

I am asking for your financial support to give back and pay it forward to two amazing charities that not only helped my family, but countless others.  My goal is to raise money via donations for every hole I play.  I am hoping you will find it in your hearts and checkbooks to donate any amount you feel comfortable giving.  For example – $.25 cents a hole for 100 holes is awesome, but I wouldn’t be upset playing for $.50 per hole 🙂.  Flat amounts are welcome, always.

If I time everything correctly, I’m hoping to finish my 100th hole on the 9th hole around 5:00 PM, just in time for League Night. I welcome any spectators who want to come cheer me on and show support as I wrap up the challenge at that time!

The two charities I am playing in support and honor of are: Vineyard Havens Inc. and the Cancer Patient Support Foundation (CPSF).  Donations can be made directly with each organization.

  • Vineyard Havens Inc. offers a different kind of medicine by providing all-expenses-paid respite vacations for patients with cancer and their families on the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard. Our package includes housing, round trip car ferry tickets, professional family beach photos and vacation “fun money”. 100% of all the money we raise goes directly to the families we serve.  Please make a donation by visiting  Please make a note that this is in support of “The King 100 Hole Challenge.”
  • Cancer Patient Support Foundation is a Vermont based charity that is an independent, non-profit organization. We serve Vermont cancer patients and their families in a time of extraordinary need by providing financial assistance and support during diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.  The Foundation’s vision is that all who face cancer can do so with dignity, confidence and serenity. Donations can be made by visiting or  Also, please note that the donation is in support of “The King 100 Hole Challenge.”
The King 100 Hole Challenge

Please consider donating to either of these organizations on behalf of this 100 hole golf challenge, and should you decide to donate directly, please also shoot me an email, as I have a token of acknowledgment and appreciation to honor this contribution and my 100 hole day of golf.  Feel free to also reach out to me with any questions or thoughts – at the pro shop (802) 583-6725 or via email at  I truly can’t thank you enough for your consideration of this donation.

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