Red Skier at Mt. Ellen

Thank You From Mt. Ellen

You know me at Mt Ellen as GORDON with my bright yellow jacket.  My team of parking attendants and jitney drivers have been your first contact with Sugarbush ME when driving in to go for some runs.  Similarly, TYLER and his team at Lincoln Peak.  And for myself and the team, it has been a very good experience all season parking all you skiers arriving.  

And what a ski season this year has been at Sugarbush with all the protocols required.  But there has been almost no crankiness or dissent from anyone arriving to ski.  Masks are generally put on the minute skiers exit their vehicles.  Boots are put on at the vehicles without exception or complaining  Oh, occasionally, someone forgets to get their mask on, but when reminded everyone hastens to comply, often with an apology.

And for all this, we at parking ThankYou.  And not one of our team has had the Covid virus this season 

And what a creative bunch of skiers you are.   This year, as a first, you often bring a portable chair and mat to ease putting on your boots by your vehicle.  And last weekend, one innovative family brought in a folding aluminum bench so all the kids and mother had seats to put their boots on – much to the envy of neighboring families looking on.   And often instead of asking questions, many arriving skiers pull out their cell phones to look at the Sugarbush app for lift and trail info.  And no murmur of complaint from anyone in spite of all the necessary Covid protocols.

A couple of weekends ago, Slide Brook chairlift had to close down mid day due to icing conditions, stranding many skiers at ME trying to get back to LP.  With the limited capacity of the inter Mountain Bus, some people had to wait upwards of an hour to get the ride back.  Again, not one complaint of the situation from the many skiers involved.  Good for you people for being patient.

It’s been a season like no other year probably in the history of Sugarbush resort. But you skiers are to be congratulated on the positive response you have made, certainly to our parking team.  Hopefully next year, we will be able to go back to a more normal season with limited if any restrictions.   We’ll be there as always with a smile whatever happens.

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