Getting Local Kids Out Onto the Mountain

Every season Sugarbush is proud to show support to many incredible nonprofit organizations across Vermont and beyond. This charitable work is a big part of the message we shout to the mountain tops, which encourages the inclusivity and access to our mountain and the outdoors in general. Getting people outside, no matter their ability or background, is the root of our charitable giving. If you’re interested in reading more about some of the great organizations we work with, I touched on this in a recent blog!

One of the causes we take the most pride in is supporting our local schools. Anytime we can support those in our own backyard, there’s no hesitation to see how we can help. Every winter, we work with local schools to get their students out onto snow. To learn, make memories, and just have some fun. These programs get kids from ages 5 to 15 out onto the mountain weekly. It’s such a large part of our community to ski and ride, and to support a new generation of enthusiasts is so special.

A breakdown of the schools we work with

Currently we are working with all the schools in the Harwood Union Unified School District. That’s 7 schools with a total of 1,793 students! Each school is designed with a program that works well for their students and staff. Here’s a look at how these programs work with each school:

  • Brookside Primary School: Third and fourth graders come to Sugarbush for 4 sessions each winter. Last season we provided 139 students and staff with tickets, per session.
  • Moretown Elementary School: For 8 sessions the entire school comes to have some mountain time at Sugarbush.
  • Crossett Brook Middle School: New to our program this year, the entire school, 250+ kids (our biggest group!) will be coming for 8 sessions. We’ve given them 334 student and staff passes for this season.
  • Harwood Union Middle School: Starting just last year, around 80 students plus staff some to Sugarbush for 8 sessions.
  • Waitsfield School: This unique program brings their snowboarders to Sugarbush for 8 sessions, and their skiers for 4. The other 4 ski sessions head to Mad River Glen! Over 60 student and staff passes will be given to the Waitsfield school this season.
  • Warren School: Students and staff will spend 8+ sessions with us on the mountain!
  • Fayston School: 77 students and staff will have 6+ sessions at Sugarbush this season.

Volunteers with the program are provided with comp tickets the day they are here with our programs. So far this year, we have given out 103 tickets! Last year’s total was a whopping 534 tickets. In addition to free passes the students and staff receive as part of the program, we also offer discounted rentals. For any student, staff member, or volunteer without their own gear, they can rent from our shop for just $20 per session. That way, everyone has a chance to get out onto the mountain!

Learn more about our educational partners