Don’t Forget About Quad Packs

While there are still a couple weeks left in the season, we’re rapidly approaching our season pass deadline of April 21st. In the past, we’ve often had a deadline in early May, so don’t get caught sleeping! If you’re needing a quick guide on our season pass offerings, check out this blog I wrote on the subject last month.

What you may also not realize is that we also currently have Quad Packs for sale with the same deadline. You might be used to purchasing Quad Packs in the fall, but this year we wanted to offer the best rates in line with our season passes, so you can properly plan out everything you need for next year. Just like season passes, Quad Packs will go back on sale at a higher rate later this summer, but now is the time to get them at their best rates.

This year you’ll find two options, our normal Quad Pack with no restrictions, and a midweek, non-holiday version. The normal Quad Pack nets you 4 fully transferable tickets, good anytime next season, for $399. At $100 a ticket, that ends up being a great price, especially if you’re looking to ski on weekends or holidays next year. The Midweek Quad Pack includes 4 fully transferable tickets valid Monday – Friday, non-holiday for even less at just $299.

We know that many of you purchase season passes but also like to buy a Quad Pack or two to have for friends and family when they visit. Or perhaps you only plan on coming a few days next season and want to lock in a good ticket price. Regardless of how you use them, just don’t forget that they’re only available at these rates through next Thursday!

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