Breaking Down Our Season Pass Offerings

Today we launched our 2022/23 season passes. There are plenty of offerings, from Sugarbush specific passes to Ikon Passes to more day oriented products. While it can be a little overwhelming, the nice thing is that everyone has options. Want to stick to just skiing Sugarbush? We have passes for that. Looking to ski here but also want to visit a few Ikon Pass spots out west? We have you covered. Plus, each pass comes with a range of great benefits and discounts, as well as some add-on options for those planning to be here this summer.

Below you’ll find a breakdown of our offerings to help you decide which pass might be right for you. And don’t forget, purchasing a pass now gets you free skiing and riding for the rest of this season, making it a great way to come try out Sugarbush if you weren’t skiing here this year, or a nice incentive to get your friends to switch over from another mountain. Also, it’s worth noting that we will be offering Quad Packs for next season, and we will be selling them a little later this spring, rather than in the fall as we’ve done before.

Ikon Pass

The Ikon Pass offers unlimited, 7-day, and 7-day combined access to 50 destinations around the world, with no blackout dates. At Sugarbush, that means the Ikon Pass allows for unlimited skiing and riding at both mountains no questions asked. Furthermore, you’ll get unlimited skiing at 13 other destinations, including nearby Stratton and Mont Tremblant, and then up to 7 days at an additional 36 destinations. If you’re looking for it all, this is the pass for you. You won’t have to worry about blackouts anywhere and can access the most resorts out of any option.

Ages 23+ – $1079 ($979 renewal)
Ages 13-22 – $799 ($719 renewal)
Ages 5-12 – $239 w/ promo ($399 without promo)
Ages 4 & Under – $149

Ikon Base Pass

The Ikon Base Pass offers unlimited, 5-day and 5-day combined access at 43 destinations, with select blackout dates. At Sugarbush that means daily access to both of our mountains with blackout dates on 12/26/22-12/31/22, 1/14/23-1/15/23, and 2/18/23-2/19/23. This pass gets you unlimited skiing at 7 destinations with no restrictions, unlimited skiing with blackouts at 6 destinations (including us), and up to 5 days at 30 other destinations. For a Sugarbush skier, if aren’t planning to ski during any of those holiday periods, or have the flexibility to work around them, this is likely the best pass option for you. It still gives you plenty of access elsewhere too.

Ages 23+ – $769 ($719 renewal)
Ages 13-22 – $579 ($539 renewal)
Ages 5-12 – $199 w/ promo ($299 without promo)
Ages 4 & Under – $99

Additionally, you can choose to upgrade this pass to the Ikon Base Pass Plus for another $200, which adds 5 days each at Aspen Snowmass, Jackson Hole, Deer Valley, Sun Valley, Snowbasin, and 5 shared days between Alta-Snowbird.

Premium Pass

The Premium Pass offers unlimited skiing and riding at both of Sugarbush’s mountains. This pass is right now only available in a few age groups. Adults ages 30+ looking for Sugarbush access should consider one of the Ikon Pass options, or even the Value Pass below depending on flexibility.

Ages 13-29 – $429 ($409 renewal)
Ages 4 & Under – $20
Ages 80-89 – $189 ($179 renewal)

Premium Plus Pass

The Premium Plus Pass offers unlimited access to Sugarbush, just like the Premium Pass, but also adds in early lift access on weekends and holidays at Lincoln Peak. That means you can jump on the chairlift a half hour before it opens for some first tracks. Unlike the Premium Pass right now, this is available to all ages during this spring sale.

Ages 30+ – $1209 ($1159 renewal)
Ages 13-29 – $789 ($759 renewal)
Ages 5-12 – $579 ($549 renewal)

Value Pass

The Value Pass offers daily access to Mt. Ellen, midweek non-holiday skiing at Lincoln Peak, and early/late season access to Lincoln Peak when Mt. Ellen is closed. Not to overuse the word, but this pass really is a great “value” if you’re only planning to ski here at Sugarbush. You’ll be able to ski Mt. Ellen all season long, as well as still enjoy Lincoln Peak midweek and early/late season. Some people ski that way already, as they like to avoid Lincoln Peak on the weekends. Here’s a pass that recognizes that and is discounted accordingly.

Ages 30+ – $659 ($629 renewal)
Ages 13-29 – $309 ($299 renewal)
Ages 5-12 – $219 ($209 renewal)

Boomer Pass

Boomer Passes are available for skiers or riders ages 65-89 and offer midweek non-holiday skiing at both mountains. Pretty simple here: if you’re in that age group and have the free time to ski midweek, it’s tough to beat this deal.

Ages $219 ($210 renewal).

Ikon Session Pass

You can think of Ikon Session Passes as a variation on our Quad Packs (which we will be selling again later this spring). These passes include 2, 3, or 4 days of skiing, subject to blackouts, at 37 participating destinations. The blackouts are the same as the Ikon Base Pass dates above: 12/26/22-12/31/22, 1/14/23-1/15/23, and 2/18/23-2/19/23. If you’re only planning to come up and ski a few days next winter, this is a great option for you. It can also be a good way to have friends come visit you here if you already have a pass. Maybe you know someone is going to visit you for a few days next winter but otherwise not ski Sugarbush. This is worth checking out. They can, of course, also use them at various other destinations as well.

Adult pricing for these days start at $249 for the 2-day version, $349 for 3 days, and $419 for 4 days. Prices tier down for other ages.

Benefits and Add-Ons

Passes also contain a number of discounts and benefits depending on the pass. Some of these include Ski With Me Tickets and discounts on lodging, retail, dining, and golf. Additionally, there are some add-ons available for passes including summer scenic lift ride access, mountain bike lift ride access, and golf memberships.

For full pricing and information on Ikon Passes, Sugarbush Passes, and their benefits, visit

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