The Mad River Valley's Best Patios for Outdoor Dining

The Mad River Valley’s Best Patios for Outdoor Dining

Once some warmer weather hits, it’s hard for me to want to stay inside. I’ll make any excuse to take any activity or project I’m working on into the sunshine, and meal times are no different. There’s nothing that sums up summer better than ending a day of exploring with an al fresco meal in the evening. It’s that moment on vacation after being out in the sun all day, jumping into the shower, and getting changed into something a little nicer to go out. Your skin is still warm from some lingering sunburn, you know the feeling.

Today I’ve compiled what I think are some of the best outdoor dining spaces to eat or drink on in the Valley. And while you can’t go wrong with a cold beer in the Lincoln Peak courtyard, we’re choosing to highlight some of the great local spots in town! We’re talking beers, apps, iced coffees, pastries, and more to nosh on late into these summer evenings.

The Sweet Spot

The Sweet Spot is the perfect location for a lunch outing. It’s centrally located in town and has plenty of seating under a trellis giving it a garden vibe. They have great healthy and indulgent options for veggie lovers, sandwich lovers or those with a sweet tooth and a need for caffeine. Not to mention it’s located right on the Mad River near the covered bridge, so you can really take your meal and enjoy it anywhere along the river!

Hyde Away

The Hyde Away is a Valley classic. It’s a favorite for locals all year round, but eating there in the summer is truly special. Although it’s located right off Route 17, when you’re dining on their deck it feels so secluded. The property is surrounded by trees and a pond full of frogs which brings the ambiance to a whole new level.

Blue Stone

Blue Stone is one of my go-to spots for dinner. Their menu has a great variety of options (even though I know I’m almost always going to get a pizza) for all kinds of eaters! It’s also located in a great central spot for convenient dining. They have both a covered patio and picnic tables so you can choose your preferred seating type!

American Flatbread at Lareau Farm

American Flatbread is another classic in the Valley. This is its original location and I recommend it to absolutely everyone who visits Waitsfield. I have such fond memories of driving up from Jersey, getting our name on the dinner list at 4, and just enjoying their outdoor space. There’s tons of seating, fire pits, and space for kids to run around. The ambiance is unmatched, and makes for a perfect summer night!

Lawson’s Finest Liquids

Grabbing a drink outside at Lawson’s is one of my personal favorite weekend activities. They have a pretty large outdoor patio area with Adirondack chairs around fire pits as well as picnic tables. There is always great music playing including live bands too! It’s the perfect spot to grab a cold beer after a day in the river, and snack on some tasty small plates.

Hogan’s Pub

You know I couldn’t write this post without including one of our very own, Hogan’s Pub. You could go to Hogan’s JUST for the views and be completely satisfied. The deck area boasts amazing views of the mountains, but pairing it with a great meal is even tastier. Enjoy elevated staples and be sure to stop by on a Friday evening for weekly live music with rotating musicians!

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