Halfway mark, mid-season, winter season, 22/23 season

Riding the Halfway Mark High

It’s come, and it’s come quick. We’ve officially made it halfway through the 22/23 season. Exciting yes, disappointing for some, but it’s all about perspective. I’m a look on the bright side kinda gal, so that’s the route I’m going to choose to take. Yes, the season is halfway over but thanks to Mother Nature – it’s also really just beginning.

Many of you have made the most of the season so far. Getting out when you can before rain or ice comes, not dismissing the slow start to winter we’ve had – but embracing it. Each season brings it’s hurdles and really, we just want to finish the race strong. As for me, with winter weather finally sticking around, my season is truly beginning. With the motivation January (sometimes) brings, and the rekindling of my relationship with skiing, I was waiting for the right moment to get back out there. And it’s here.

Moving Forward in Full Force

So I encourage you again, to shift your view to see how you can make the most of the rest of our winter season. A personal goal, lingering New Year’s Resolution or spark from the recent snow we’ve had. Whatever helps you continue fiercely through the season. While personal goals and the recent perfectly-Vermont winter weather has helped me get myself in gear, looking forward to a little bit of fun across the resort has really got me wanting to take advantage of the rest of the season.

There’s still plenty of time to hit those goals and enjoy the rest of what winter has to offer. The last big holiday period is right around the corner and from here on out, we’re continuing to pray for snow and pack our calendar with events. From Walt’s After Dark to À La Carte Dinners at Allyn’s Lodge and the always anticipated Pond Skimming, there’s much to enjoy before spring comes a-knocking. With at least two full months of winter ahead of us (and as many days into April the mountain will give us), the time to hesitate is behind us. Keep the stoke high and embrace the ups and the downs as they come.

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