A Quick Guide to Dining This Winter

We have made a number of changes to the way dining works this winter, and it can be a little confusing to first understand. The most important thing to note is that EVERYTHING must be ordered online, whether it’s take-out food or making a reservation for a table. Here’s a quick guide to help you figure out what services we offer at each of our dining locations and how to order your food.

Where Can I Eat and Drink at Sugarbush?

We still plan to offer all of our typical dining options around the resort including cafeterias and restaurants, but each of these venues will operate different than what you are used to. All venues will offer takeout food, with cafeterias also allowing for limited indoor table reservations to sit down with your take-out and Rumble’s Bistro & Bar, Castlerock Pub, and Green Mountain Lounge offering tableside dining. Here’s a full breakdown of what each dining venue will be offering.

Takeout – Order food/drink online and pick-up at specific time
Tableside Service – Make a dining reservation online and sit down for a waiter/waitress served meal
Table Reservations – Make a reservation for a table to bring your takeout food (from the same venue) to eat at

Allyn’s Lodge: Takeout, First-come/first-serve indoor seating for dining customers only
Castlerock Pub: Takeout, Tableside Service
Gate House Café (cafeteria): Takeout, Table Reservations
Green Mountain Lounge: Takeout, Tableside Service
Mt. Ellen Café (cafeteria): Takeout, Table Reservations
Rumble’s Bistro & Bar: Takeout, Tableside Service
The Lunch Box: Takeout
The Wunderbar and Wunder Down Under: Takeout, Table Reservations
Umbrella Bar: Takeout
Walt’s Pub: Takeout, Table Reservations

How Do I Order Food or Reserve a Table?

Everything dining related this winter must be done online ahead of time, whether that’s ordering takeout food from a dining venue or reserving a table for your takeout or tableside dining. The easiest way to do this is to download the Sugarbush App and simply click the “Reserve Table – Order Takeout” button right on the home screen. If you don’t see it, make sure your app is updated to the latest version. The app also does a lot more than dining, and Megan Page just wrote about this week. You can also head to the Resort Dining section of our website and reserve anything from there.

However you choose to access the reservation system, you will then be given an option to choose your venue. From here you can view descriptions and hours of each venue. When you choose a venue, depending on what you choose you will be given the option to choose take-out or make a reservation. Then you will pick the date and time for either your reservation or to pick up your takeout. If you choose takeout, then you’ll go ahead and select what you want to order off of the menu. After that, you will be prompted to quickly make an account and then provide payment. Once you have done this once, it should save for future uses. You will receive a receipt confirmation upon completion.

What Health Protocols are There?

All of our dining staff wear masks while working and take extra precautions when it comes to sanitation and food preparation. Guests must wear masks when picking up takeout or entering any indoor venue, but masks may be removed while seated at a table and actively eating or drinking. As per state guidelines, only one household is allowed at each table, so please plan accordingly.

An Example Scenario

Here’s an example of what it all looks like. Let’s say you want to get some food from Gate House Café (the cafeteria). You will head into the ordering system, either through the Sugarbush App or our website. Then you can scroll down and select Gate House Café. You can then choose “Pickup” and either view the menu ahead of time or head straight to ordering. From there you’ll pick the date and time to pickup your food, choose what you want off of the menu, and setup your account/payment for future use. At that point you should get a confirmation email receipt.

When it’s time to go pickup your food, in the case of Gate House Café you will head to the pickup area, located in the Sleeper Room of the Gate House Lodge. That can only be accessed from the back of the lodge, so you enter in where you say the pickup signage and our staff will hand off the food to you. Then you’re free to bring it back to your car or enjoy it on any of our outdoor furniture in the base area. If you also chose to reserve a table for indoor seating, you could head into the cafeteria at your designated time slot for your table.

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