#MySugarbush Weekly Stories 4/17, contest, event

#MySugarbush Weekly Stories 4/17

My Sugarbush is all about the collective love of this mountain. You can read all about the full campaign, but I’m really here to talk to you about the contest. That’s right, we’re giving away tons of good stuff. Every week you take to the lifts and share your memories on social media with the tag #MySugarbush, and we pick out our favorites to give away that good Sugarbush schwag. Each post is thrown into a live mosaic that slowly reveals itself as the season progresses. The more you add, the more the image will come to life. Each week, I’m going to be sharing our favorite posts right here. From the winner to all the runner-ups, or just personal favorites – their stories will be here.

Our Top Posts

Spring skiing surely is here, isn’t it! We ended up with the most beautiful weather for our Pond Skim and Spring Fling event. So many of you came out and enjoyed the sunshine. Sunny, brisk and good spirits all around. If we have to end the season, this is the only way to do it!

“Putting the perfect 🎀 on my 2022/2023 season with spring skiing laps on Stein’s ✨😎

35 days, over 452,000 vertical feet of skiing” -@sorosey

Love seeing everyone’s season roundup posts! Ending the winter in the sunshine on the slopes is always the way to go. And fun personal stats like, how many days you hit and how many vertical feet you skied, is always exciting to look back on. Here’s to great endings to a great season!

Happy Skister! A term I had never heard of until this year, and I love it. What a great way to spend a spring holiday, on the slopes and in the sun with your family! Thank you to everyone who chose to spend their weekend with us – it was a blast!

Weekly Winner

What an incredible Pond Skim we had! So many of you came out in your finest to attempt the skim. The crowd was so enthusiastic and supportive, and it was great to see everyone who came to participate together with friends and family. Michael is taking home the prize this week for these awesome action shots! He absolutely nailed it – thank you for capturing these epic moments!


Prizes will be awarded on a weekly basis from 11/9/22-5/7/23

  • Weekly Contest Winner – winner gets a $25 Sugarbush gift card and non-holiday lift ticket
  • Monthly Contest – winner gets a $100 Sugarbush gift card and brand-new GoPro
  • Season Long Contest – winner gets a $500 gift card and a weekend ski or golf getaway for two (two nights in Clay Brook Hotel with two days of golf or skiing for two people, non-holiday)

Only 3 weeks left to enter! Become a winner and take home the season prize!

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