#MySugarbush Weekly Stories 3/6

My Sugarbush is all about the collective love of this mountain. You can read all about the full campaign, but I’m really here to talk to you about the contest. That’s right, we’re giving away tons of good stuff. Every week you take to the lifts and share your memories on social media with the tag #MySugarbush, and we pick out our favorites to give away that good Sugarbush schwag. Each post is thrown into a live mosaic that slowly reveals itself as the season progresses. The more you add, the more the image will come to life. Each week, I’m going to be sharing our favorite posts right here. From the winner to all the runner-ups, or just personal favorites – their stories will be here.

Our Top Posts

“What a great day of Western quality powder, right here in Vermont!” -Diana H.

Western quality powder. You heard it here first, folks! Last week’s storm brought the best powder of the season. You all showed up and soaked it all in! Not to mention those views – especially when the sun makes an appearance through those winter clouds.

Even when your friend’s visit has come to an end, there’s still plenty to explore at Sugarbush on your own! And that’s exactly what @skicologist has done! Get ready get more turns in under that spring sun and take note – ending it with a rice ball from Miso is always a good idea.

“Taking advantage of latest winter storm 🤙🏻” -@johnnymarathon14

We’ve just been loving all of the powder content recently. Mother Nature finally gifted us with some prime conditions that have lasted. Johnny, and many of you have come up to Sugarbush to celebrate the storm. And, with each storm you return to our mountain with fresh excitement every time!

Monthly Winner

“East Coast pow day #jskis #itsjustskiing #powder #mysugarbush” -@ty_zib

Last week was all about getting after it after our recent storm. We loved seeing you all head to the slopes, no matter what, to revel in it. That’s exactly why Tyler is February’s #MySugarbush winner! His dedication to hitting that fresh powder won him a $100 Sugarbush gift card and brand-new GoPro. Keep getting after it, because there’s more where that came from!


Prizes will be awarded on a weekly basis from 11/19/22 – 5/7/23

  • Weekly Contest – winner gets a $25 Sugarbush gift card and non-holiday lift ticket
  • Monthly Contest – winner gets a $100 Sugarbush gift card and brand-new GoPro
  • Season Long Contest – winner gets a $500 gift card and a weekend ski or golf getaway for two (two nights in Clay Brook Hotel with two days of golf or skiing for two people, non-holiday)

Become a winner! See how with the full contest details

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