Giving a Little Goes a Long Way

The season of gifting is upon us. More importantly, the season of giving. It’s easy to get mixed up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Thinking of our friends and family, festive parties, and happenings. But, we all know it’s a great time of year to think of those outside our close-knit circles too.

Looking into your own community to see how you can help, can easily spark your holiday spirit and that’s exactly what we’ve done at Sugarbush. A few members of the Sugarbush family headed into the MRV to stock up on toys for donation at Toys for Tots. This is a Marine Corps Reserve program that was established in 1947. Since then, they’ve been helping distribute toys to children in families that cannot afford gifts during the holiday season.

At The Collection, our staff racked up toys and activities for all kinds of kids to enjoy! From crystal science kits to night vision goggles, chess sets, and magic sets – there’s a lot to be enjoyed. While there, they spent nearly $1,000 dollars for toys to all be donated to Toys for Tots. We’re proud to not only support a local business but donate all of the products to those in need. Being able to give back to a community that continuously wows us with its inspiring members and families, is what Sugrbush is all about.

So this season we encourage you to think outside the box. If you have the means, look into your community and see how you can make a difference. From volunteering to throwing in an extra can at your town food pantry. No matter how small, an act of kindness always starts a snowball effect.

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