You Can Still Experience My Favorite Sugarbush Adventures This Season

It’s 6:45 AM and the horizon is just starting to glow with an orange tint as I rub my eyes one more time. I’m staring out the window at the freshly fallen snow, now glistening under the rising sun. Whenever I’m up this early, this isn’t an unusual routine. But there’s a slight different this morning. This time, I’m staring out the window of the Lincoln Limo Cabin Cat as we trudge up North Lynx for Sunrise First Tracks. A freshly groomed Birch Run all to ourselves (8 of us total), tight powder-filled bumps on Morning Star, or a mixture somewhere in between over on Sunrise. It’s all ours for six magical laps.

Sunrise First Tracks

A few days later I’m staring out that same window but now it’s too dark too see much. I still have my ski gear on, but we’re not headed up North Lynx. We’re en route to Allyn’s Lodge. It’s a rowdier crowd in the cat, many whom are dressed up for a birthday celebration. We’re set to enjoy a five-course meal in the lodge before embarking on a moonlit ski down Snowball and Spring Fling. There’s no fresh snow this go-around, but the feeling of newly groomed corduroy under the moonlight is an experience I’ll never forget. The snow is so good, and the moon so bright, that the headlamp on my helmet stays off the whole ski down.

Allyn’s Lodge

The Cabin Cat is Back

These two experiences, both part of our Cabin Cat Adventures, epitomize that spirit of adventure and camaraderie that we so often think of when picturing Sugarbush. They’re easily my favorite adventures here on the mountain. Both offer a uniqueness that’s hard to get most places, particularly on the East Coast. In fact last I recall, we still remain the only ski area to offer an on-mountain dinner experience followed by a guided ski down the mountain. I recommend either of them to everyone. I also try and volunteer to act as a host on them any chance I get.

The good news is our Cabin Cat Adventures are available this season, albeit with some different protocols in place. Here’s a quick list:

  • All bookings for these adventures are for same households only, except where noted below
  • All guests must have completed the Vermont Attestation stating their compliance with the Vermont Cross State Travel & Quarantine Requirements prior to arrival
  • Anyone that is unwell or displaying respiratory like symptoms will not be able to load the cabin cat
  • All guests must wear a face covering or mask (that fully covers the nose, mouth and under one’s chin) for the duration of their event, except when seated for active eating and drinking or when skiing/riding allows for at least 6’ of physical distance
  • Additional COVID Protocols may apply. Please follow all posted signs and the guidance of the Driver and/or Guides for your booking

We’re also offering Sunrise First Tracks and Spring Mt. Ellen Cat Ski/Ride as options as well. So if you’re looking for something different this winter with your household, look no further than one of these adventures. We don’t have a lot of opportunities to enjoy unique experiences these days, but these all offer incredible memories in what can otherwise be considered monotonous times.

You can view full pricing and details on our Cabin Cat page on the website. And if you need a host insight on what an amazing time it is, I’m here.