Webcams: New Scenics and Returning Lift Lines

Webcams! We all know and love them. As a PR person, they often act as a very helpful assistant, promoting the resort to guests and media far and wide. Anytime I see our snow stake webcam get shared on the local news or on Twitter, I feel like my job security diminishes just a little bit.

This year it an exciting time in the webcam world at Sugarbush. Not only do we already have snow stake webcams to keep an eye on, now we have several brand new scenic cams too. Oh, and by the way we’re bringing back lift line webcams by popular demand.

That gives you three pretty cool ways to utilize webcams. You can check out any and all of these cameras on, the new Sugarbush App, our YouTube channel, or hey even right here in this blog post below!

Snow Stake Cams:

We currently have two snow stake webcams online, one at our summit stake near the top of Heaven’s Gate, and one at Allyn’s Lodge. We use these daily as reference points for snow reporting, and when things seem off we resort to alterative measurement methods. Truth be told, I think our summit stake is a little too wind exposed. I actually believe we have been under reporting summit totals for the last few years now. I’ll get into this in a future blog, but we’ve installed a snow stake off camera somewhere else to use as a control and compare to the Heaven’s Gate stake throughout the winter.

Scenic Cams:

We’ve installed brand new webcams at Walt’s at the Glen House on Mt. Ellen, and at Heaven’s Gate and Allyn’s Lodge over at Lincoln Peak. We have a cam setup at the golf course looking over at the Monroe Skyline (did you know that’s the name of our mountain range??) and one looking into the Lincoln Peak Courtyard. The cool thing about this cameras? We can spin them any which way and zoom them to spots too. You can bet we’ll play around with them this winter.

Lift Line Cams:

And yes, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the return of the lift line cam! As you probably know, we took these down last year when we had a lot of special lift line protocols in place, as we felt they weren’t accurately representing wait times and crowds (check out our old lift line aerial photos blog to see what I mean). In the meantime many of you asked for them to come back. Don’t worry, it was always our intention! Now we’re back at Lincoln Peak with cams at Super Bravo, Gate House, Heaven’s Gate, and Castlerock. Mt. Ellen will be added when the mountain opens. Pro tip: jump on your app while you’re here skiing to see where lines are forming. It’s a great way to out smart the masses.

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