Snow science

The New, New Opening Day

Ah, another week, another pushed Opening Day. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has continued to refuse to cooperate in helping us get open on time this season. Snowmaking temps just haven’t been what we needed for the extended periods of time required to make snow at lower elevations, and coupled with the recent warm-ups, we’ve made the decision to push Opening Day again. Our new tentative date is now scheduled for Thursday, December 3rd.

I mean just take a look at this extended forecast. Woof. But luckily things look to start cooling down consistently come Wednesday, when we hope to finish up our lower terrain routes for opening. You may have looked at the mountain recently and wondered why we couldn’t open. After all, the upper mountain is looking fairly snowy, and we’ve had some good success blowing snow up high. The problem is, we aren’t going to open until we can run multiple lifts as a means to spread out crowds and until we have a top to bottom ski route. That means we’re working on terrain off of Heaven’s Gate and Super Bravo right now, but also Valley House. It’s the Valley House portion that’s been tricky lately, as well as the lower portion of Downspout. Once we can get Downspout sufficiently covered, along with Snowball and Spring Fling, we’ll start spinning the lifts. Other terrain we’re working on includes Jester, Organgrinder, Allyn’s Traverse, and Valley House Traverse.

In the meantime, keep praying for snow and cold weather, and check the snow report for the latest updates. We’ll let you know as soon as that December 3rd date looks official, and then we’ll all be back to enjoying the sport we know and love.

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