Snowmaking From the Sky

In Vermont, skiers and riders are pretty spoiled. This week two years ago we were rounding out an amazing early season of ski conditions, famously referred to as “Snovember”. Knee-deep powder before Thanksgiving anywhere is pretty exciting, and at Sugarbush we’re lucky that it’s not too rare.

While this season might not be as snowy as we hoped yet, it’s just another opportunity for our snowmaking team to shine. With the wide scope of their operation on any given day, the best way to admire their work is without a doubt the bird’s eye view. Because of that, (and also because I just bought one) I’ve been doing my best to capture snowmaking from a drone. I wanted to share some of the footage from this past week because it’s a great demonstration of what our team can make happen if Mother Nature would just cooperate for a few days!  

Stay tuned to our social channels and YouTube page for more drone video as conditions change on the mountain.

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