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Reunite with Adventure – Season Passes on Sale

Something that I’ve come to notice in my three years of living in the Mad River Valley is the community’s ruggedness and willingness to get their ski days in, no matter the provided circumstances. This was especially noticeable during the 2020/21 ski season.

While last season was unpredictable a lot of the time, the number of people that showed up without hesitation to get their runs in, even if it meant using their cars as a base lodge, was impressive. Although Sugarbush staff and community members were thankful for the effort that was put in by our visitors, we know that there were quite a few barriers to get through for our out-of-state guests. This winter, we are looking forward to fewer obstacles, and more opportunities to gather with friends and families here at the mountain.

If you are one of the many folks who were itching to get out onto the slopes and never got a chance to or didn’t get quite as many ski days as you were hoping for, we’d like to think of this winter as the perfect opportunity to reunite with adventure. In today’s world, getting outside and enjoying your surroundings is more important than ever before. I know it’s made me not want to take any season for granted. And while I’m usually the queen of excuses as to why it’s not the perfect day to take some runs, I’m heading into this winter with a fresh perspective, and you should be too.

The perfect way to get back out there, and make plans to have Sugarbush be your home base this ski and ride season, is with a Season Pass. We’re offering a bunch of different pass options to fit your style and budget. I broke down some of our pass options in a previous post. Plus, with Ikon Pass products, you get unlimited skiing and riding here at the mountain, as well as access to 47 worldwide destinations. This gives you the perfect excuse to explore not only Sugarbush, but beyond as well.

While we are excited to leave a few things from the COVID-19 era behind, one benefit that is sticking around is Adventure Assurance. Like last year, Adventure Assurance gives you peace of mind when you buy your pass by giving you options if you aren’t able to use your pass, or if there are any COVID-19 related Resort closures.

I spent a lot of time riding by myself last season, so I’m ready to get back to meeting up with friends and family out on the slopes. Thinking you and your friends will want to do the same? A Quad Pack is a great product for you to have on hand! It’s a great way to have a few, reasonably priced lift tickets in your back pocket for visitors when you’ve already purchased your Season Pass.

Although we’re expecting things to not be completely back to normal for the 2021/22 season, the cooler temperatures that are starting to settle in around the Mad River Valley have us excited for the winter ahead. We look forward to welcoming you, those who saw us a bunch last season, and those who weren’t able to make the trip, back onto the slopes in just a few short months!

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