On the Cords: That’s a Wrap For Me

Well, spring has sprung and the end of the season is nearly upon us. As I wrap up my season here at Sugarbush, I can’t help but look back on all that I was able to learn in my time as Snow Reporter.  

Between the quiet mornings on the mountain with only the groomers in sight and the beautiful sunrises, waking up at 5:30 in the morning ended up having its perks. I was able to get more out of this job than the sunrises though. Writing everyday has really allowed me to be more creative, especially after 4 straight days of rain, time to really dig deep for the positives. Not only did I get all this new experience doing what I absolutely love most in the world, I also got to work with some of the best people on the mountain. The mountain ops crew has been so helpful this season with me trying to learn on the fly (sorry if all my emails were annoying). As I sit in my office on my last day, I am so glad to have met the people in all these different departments and learn how everyone is connected to make sure the mountain can even operate. 

It was always a dream of mine to work at a ski resort, and I won’t lie I pictured myself somewhere out west probably just working as a lifty. Vermont never crossed my mind until I was invited to come up last year with some friends. That’s when I realized that not every good mountain is in Colorado or Utah. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Vermont has brought me so much that I’m grateful for. I’ve been able to become a better rider, I’ve learned what goes into operating a mountain, and I’ve been able to make some lifelong connections. Even with the unusual winter we’ve had, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’ve also had some pretty unforgettable experiences. While not all were sunshine and roses (I got pegged by snowballs from the lift by some kids and I had someone trash talk the snow report to my face without knowing I wrote it) most were absolutely amazing. Hiking Castlerock more than once this season, the Spring Fling concert, literally anytime I got Rice Balls at Mt. Ellen, I’d say 99% of my memories are great, 100% I will cherish forever (to the person who didn’t like the report, I still love you <3).  

Abby Clark(friend and photographer) knows how to get my best angles

This winter would not have been what it is without the friends I’ve made and people I’ve met. Whether we spoke briefly on the lift or became best friends, I appreciate every connection I’ve been able to make. Every visit I got in my office was welcomed and selfie someone asked for, while a little weird, made my day. Living in employee housing has brought me friends that I can go to for anything. I’ve also been able to learn so much about other cultures and brush up on my Spanish. From movie nights, to days at the skate park, and going to see live music, every moment is cherished. I will miss the culture of living at a ski resort and having people by your side who have become family. Thank you to everyone who ever took a lap with me and thank you to my friends for letting me be myself. 

So to recap, I had a few resolutions I mentioned in a previous blog post. One, reach 100 days, check. Two, make the most out of my time here, check. And three, learn how to do a backflip, not check(next year maybe). I cannot thank everyone here at Sugarbush that helped me out this season. I truly loved being in the valley and will miss waking up on the mountain everyday. John Bleh, thanks for giving me a chance and allowing me to be creative with this opportunity. I’m leaving a piece of my heart on this mountain (specifically Organgrinder). See ya later Sugarbush.