Next Year’s Passes are Now on Sale

Though we still have another two months of operations ahead of us (we plan to close for daily operation April 26th and reopen for a final weekend May 1st and 2nd), I want to congratulate you for helping us get this far this winter season. Operating through a pandemic, with all the challenges, protocols, and policies we had to put into place, is nothing short of a triumph. We have all of you to thank for that. As we approach the one year anniversary of shutting down last spring, we have all of you to thank for helping to make this season special.

As hard as we have worked to make this 2020/21 winter season a reality, if you can believe it or not we are already looking ahead to next winter. Today we launched our 2021/22 season passes, and they will remain on sale at their lowest rates through May 4th. You should be used to the offerings at this point, as we are basically rolling out the same plan as last season. Your four main pass options are the Ikon Pass, Ikon Base Pass, Sugarbush Premium Pass, and Sugarbush Value Pass.

There are also some specialty products returning like the Boomer Pass and Ikon Session Pass 4-Day to name a few, as well as some great add-ons like discounted golf memberships, Early Ups, and summer lift passes. Each of these passes have their own benefits, and I would encourage you head over to our season pass page to figure out what works for your needs and age.

For those of you who had an Ikon Pass or Ikon Base Pass this season, you can save up to $100 by renewing it this spring. For those of you who did not purchase a pass this season, buying any of them now gets you free skiing and riding this spring from April 5th until we close. Of course, just like last season all passes will come with Adventure Assurance, as well as a payment plan option.

My sincere hope is that next season will be a return to normalcy. I think I speak for everyone when I say I look forward to seeing all of the smiling faces on the mountain again, celebrating après with friends, and thinking about where to ski rather than if my mask is covering my nose. Given all the hard work that you the guest and we the resort have put into making this season happen, I think we all deserve that.

But until then, I hope you enjoy the rest of this season and get out there for those warm days we were so unfortunately robbed of last year. I look forward to seeing you around the resort this spring before we move onto golfing, mountain biking, and other summer activities.

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