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New SugarBlog, Who Dis?

Two years ago, we used to send out a number of various newsletters. You may remember some of them: Mountain Views, Timbers, SHaRC, Golf, Food For Thought, Win’s Word, etc. At that point I decided it made sense to combine all of that content into a blog format, and we launched a revamped SugarBlog.

Well today we have officially revamped the revamp. Our SugarBlog has moved over to WordPress, a platform I’m sure many of you are familiar with. Its features and capabilities on the backend make our lives a whole lot easier, but I’m most excited about the guest experience. Here are some of the new features you’ll notice:

New Features

  • Better Layout. When you head to, you’ll immediately notice the new layout. It’s cleaner, prettier, and much more organized than it used to be. You’ll see the most recent posts up top, followed by each of our three categories below.
  • New Categories: Our categories were always kind of a mishmash of content, and you never really knew what went where. Now we’ve streamlined it. You’ll find Around the Mountain, which covers news and announcements. There’s Our Community, which focuses on stories from the interesting personalities that make up our guests, employees, and partners. And finally we have Resort Guides, which will focus on tips, advice, and suggested itineraries to give you the best possible experience while you’re here.
  • Sorting Functionality: Now you can sort posts by author, category, keyword, or just use the normal search feature.
  • Reading Time Estimates: Each article has a reading time estimate to help you pick and choose content when you’re busy.
  • Reading Mode: You can switch to a “reading mode” which essentially darkens the screen for you. Perfect for someone like me who’s reading something on my phone while trying to get my baby back to sleep!
  • Social Sharing: At the end of each article you can now easily share your favorite content to the social platform of your choice. Help us spread the word!

I hope you find these new features helpful for your reading experience. On top of all that, our ability to include photos, videos, captions, and more make this a better experience for everyone.

We Want to Hear From You!

Now that the new blog is up and running, and we’ve reorganized how we sort content through categories and keywords, I think there’s a great opportunity to expand what we write about. So please, if you have an interesting story about Sugarbush or the Mad River Valley, or even know someone who does, we would love to feature it on the blog. If you have a fun idea you think we should write about, I’m all ears on that too. Feel free to reach out to me directly at or email us at And we’d love to hear your feedback on the blog too, good or bad!

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