Meet Sugarbush Sponsored Athlete Isaac Allaire

It’s not just us regular folk enjoying the mountain day in and day out. While some of us might picture ourselves as pro athletes, the truth is most of us are just happy getting out around the resort and having fun.

But here at Sugarbush, we’re also focused on training and supporting the next family of athletes in multiple sports. Take mountain biking for example: we’ve been sponsoring pro mountain biker Isaac Allaire for nearly a decade through his career.

Now 27, Isaac hails from Morrisville, VT and has been racing mountain bikes for a dozen years. He’s been to over 150 races with more than 20 Pro event wins. You’ll often find him up on the podium at our annual Eastern States Cup race right here at Sugarbush.

To Isaac, riding at Sugarbush feels like home and a place to be enjoyed both on and off the bike. Isaac works to instill that feeling in the next generation of bikers through his help coaching riders in our Mountain Bike Adventure Camps and other events throughout the summer.

Unfortunately, just several weeks into the season, Isaac suffered a dislocated shoulder on a tough crash. He’d been off to a hot start with 2nd and 3rd place finishes in two Eastern States Cup Enduro races and 7th place at the 2023 Windrock Tennessee National. He’s still been helping out with camps here at the resort and he’s expected to get back on the bike later this month. I saw Isaac recently and he was both healing well and in good spirits. If anything, he was just anxious to get back out there.

Onwards to the rest of the season! We wish Isaac all the best as he continues to represent Sugarbush over the next few months.

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