Know Before You Go: Natural Terrain

My name is Chad Borofsky I’m the Assistant Ski Patrol Director here at Sugarbush.  I’ve been patrolling here full time for 28 years and live in the valley with my family.  I’d have to say that the two most rewarding aspects of my job are aiding injured guests and opening new terrain for all of you to ski and ride.  Of course I do enjoy testing the terrain to determine if it’s safe to open as well.  Which brings me to my next point.

With the opening of much of our new natural terrain this week we wanted to take minute make you aware of potential hazards that may exist and our trail marking system so that you can make an educated decisions while you are out on the hill.  Trails marked with our Thin Cover discos on a piece of bamboo indicate that there are natural hazards on that trail that are either visible or not visible.  These include but are not limited to rocks, grass, roots, open water and sticks.  Trails marked with Experts Only/Thin Cover/ Caution may also have the same hidden or unhidden obstacles and will require an Expert Level skiing skills to navigate the trail safely.  When you see large Caution Banners slow down a hazard or highly congeted area may be ahead.  Slow Banners indicate areas of high congestion and we ak that you check your speed in these areas.  Trails Merging Banners or Discos indicate that skiers maybe entering from the side trails or trails may be merging be aware and slow down.

For those of you who have been skiing and riding at Sugarbush you know we take our trail marking signage very seriously here at Sugarbush. For those of you who are new to the hill we ask that you stop and read the signs and make educated decisions when choosing to ski and ride here at Sugarbush.  Where you choose to ski and ride is your choice and your responsibility.  Choose wisely and have fun.  Enjoy all those natural trails and hopefully we will meet on the hill.


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