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It’s the Season of the Sticks

Thank you Noah Kahan for enlightening those who may not know about one of the 6 seasons we experience here in Vermont, with his song Stick Season. This absolute bop gained a lot of traction in the past year from the Vermont-native singer. Though I’m not here to convince anyone else of his talent. Rather, I’m here to dig into stick season itself. Much like mud season it’s a quiet time of year. Our sleepy towns get a little sleepier before winter chaos ensues. Without foliage or snow it’s, well, a little lackluster to say the least. The days begin to shorten, the cold starts coming back over the mountains, and we all hang on to the last bit of warmth we’ll have until May. So like all else in life, and being the little optimist I am, I try to see the best in each season of life. Including stick season.

And I love Vermont, but it’s the season of the sticks.

Noah Kahan, Stick Season

I love the in-between. The transitions periods that lead to exciting new ones, and the calm they surround us in. The anticipation grows for what’s to come. And what’s to come after stick season? Ski season of course! The mountains and the valleys all encapsulated in white, warm string lights across the buildings and town, and a feeling you can only describe as cheery, as it tis the season isn’t it. But, before the excitement of winter as the “ber” month holidays continue, what does stick season leave us with? Seemingly not much, but a chance to create something for ourselves. A sense of wonder as we continue to hike now with clear views through the trees. A sense of community, as tourists wait patiently for winter and locals join together preparing for the upcoming season. A sense of rest. Possibly my favorite. Summer excitement dwindles down, the fall cozies have come, and it’s a chance to recharge in any way that suits you. Enjoying that crisp fresh air, spending an entire day next to the fireplace, or taking advantage of the early darkness attempting to redeem an extra hour of sleep. So why not indulge when you can? Indulge in the peace between the seasons, or the extra time it allows us to adventure.

It's the Season of the Sticks

Winter is coming, are you ready?

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