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Here are Some Pretty Great April Ticket Deals

As I’ve mentioned previously this winter, we’ve heard from many of you concerned about our ticket pricing. In fact, we heard from so many of you that I dedicated a whole blog post explaining some of the reasoning behind our tickets this season. And it looks like many of you read it, as it’s one of our best performing blog posts ever.

Well now I’m excited to announce that we’ve updated all of our pricing for the rest of season. If you were hoping to get up here for a little spring skiing but felt like the lift ticket price was too big a barrier, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

But before I delve into the deals, I just want to come full circle on some of the reasoning here. In that other blog post I spoke about how our ticket strategy was formed around maintaining capacities on any given day. We didn’t want to overwhelm any of our indoor spaces where capacities are that much more important. So given that we weren’t restricting pass holder visitation, the solution was to sell fewer tickets. With so few tickets available, we sold them at a premium price. This worked quite well for us. We never felt completely overwhelmed from a capacity standpoint this season. That’s beneficial from a safety standpoint and an overall skier experience standpoint.

But now that we’re into April, where skier visits typically really fall off, we felt comfortable restructuring ticket pricing. Similar to before, we’ve kept tickets dynamically priced, so the sooner you purchase a ticket the better price you’ll find. We tier up the pricing after a certain number have been purchased. Below you’ll see where ticket prices are as of today, April 1st. There are some pretty great deals there! $46 is a steal almost no matter where you ski, especially here. And as of today, we still have 42 trails open.

In addition to adjusting pricing, we have also added an afternoon ticket option and made it so you can get the online discounts up until the day before (used to be three days out). Of course, if you stroll up to the window day of to buy a ticket, you’ll see higher prices than what are listed here.

Anyway, I hope for those of you bummed about our ticket strategy that this helps you out. There’s still plenty of great skiing to be had. Come on up and enjoy it. This April Fool’s Day snow should help keep things rolling along.