Another Dominant Weekend for Sugarbush Sponsored Riders

Last weekend we welcomed back one of our favorite weekends of the summer: Eastern States Cup Weekend. The Eastern States Cup Sugarbush Showdown series returned featuring both enduro and downhill mountain bike races, and man was it a happening time.

The enduro race saw over 200 competitors, with the downhill race including more than 160. It was awesome to see such a crowd up here for biking, an activity we’ve slowly been looking to ramp up. As you may or may not know, our terrain here is pretty technical, and revamping our mountain bike offerings continues to be part of the plan in the coming years. That’s why it’s reassuring to see such great attendance with this event and why we hope to continue growing it moving forward. In fact we’re in the early stages of planning for some really exciting things in the mountain bike world. But more on that later.

On that note, we sponsored the same two riders this summer that we did last year: Steve Estabrook and Isaac Allaire. They both competed in the “Pro” division at Eastern States Cup and podiumed with Estabrook placing 2nd the enduro and 5th in the downhill and Allaire finishing 1st overall in both races. Give it up for the Sugarbush riders!

If you’re interested, here are some quick overall results from each race. For full results, you can visit


Pro Men:

  1. Isaac Allaire
  2. Dylan Conte
  3. Max Morgan


Pro Men:

  1. Isaac Allaire
  2. Steve Estabrook
  3. Matt Driscoll