A New Favorite Lunch Spot at Mt. Ellen

On any good day out on the slopes, it’s hard to pull yourself away to take a break or get a bite to eat. That’s why I always appreciate having a convenient place to grab something delicious to refuel. As of this week, Miso Hungry has been added to the Sugarbush Resort dining fleet and we couldn’t be more excited! Located right at the base of Mt. Ellen, you don’t even have to take your skis off to grab a snack and warm beverage.

Miso Hungry, a Vermont-based company, specializes in serving Japenese Onigiri to skiers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Here at Sugarbush, they’ll be serving up a hearty Miso Soup and various Onigiri options. I had the chance to try it this past week and chose the Dragon Ball – a sushi rice ball wrapped in seaweed and stuffed with Eel. I know that sounds a little adventurous to some, but it truly was delicious. The best part? It’s conveniently wrapped up in foil, making it a perfect grab-and-go treat to take with you out and about on the mountain. Plus, their canned coffee and tea are served hot, making it the perfect way to warm up on a cold day of skiing and riding. Check out the menu below and make plans to stop by every Thursday through Sunday, from 11AM until 4PM over at Mt. Ellen.

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