What’s New This Season with Dining? Lots!

Our food and beverage team have had some pretty exciting updates over the past year! With upgrades, new additions, and lots more menu items and specialty drinks. If you’ve visited us this season, you’ve probably already noticed a few of these upgrades! Were you wondering why the Lunch Box looks SO GOOD this season? That’s because it’s a brand new food truck! And you’ll notice the original has found a new home up at Walt’s at the Glen House. You may have also noticed an entirely new bar in the courtyard where the Umbrella Bar typically is. Don’t worry we’re bringing it back once warmer weather hits. In its place is, The Can, our new container bar! With all these changes, let’s take a walk through what you can expect at these dining outlets. Spoiler alert, they’re still awesome!

Lunch Box

A crowd favorite! The Lunch Box is still your go to stop for quick and delicious sandwiches. This upgrade mostly benefits the staff working in the truck providing them an entirely upgraded work space. But you can still find them serving up a variety of cheesesteaks, munchies, and cold bevy’s!

The Can

Coke cocktails and hot dogs! What more could you ask for? This is a really exciting edition to our food and beverage offerings. This shipment container turned bar is the perfect pit stop for a post-mountain sip. They’re serving up cans of your favorite beverages, plus specialty cocktails made with Coca-Cola. And don’t miss out on Johnny’s Famous $5 Hot Dogs!

Walt’s at the Glen House

You may have noticed that Walt’s got a bit of a facelift this fall! We upgraded the interior of the building with new furniture, paint, carpet and upgraded bathrooms. You’ll find the biggest changes downstairs which has been added for additional seating. The original Lunch Box food truck has also been attached to the lodge to expand the kitchen, in more ways than one. Not only does it provide more room for our chefs to work, it includes new equipment allowing more menu flexibility. So alongside those tasty grilled cheeses and grain bowls, you can now order things like wings and poutine!

In addition to these upgrades and changes that took place at both Lincoln Peak and Mt. Ellen, we still offer other favorites for quick bites across the resort!

Miso Toh Kome

A personal favorite of mine, is Miso! You won’t find anything like it here in the Valley. Their unique menu is centered around traditional Japanese Onigiri, sushi rice balls, that are packed with cha-shu pork belly, spicy tuna, ume-boshi (sour plum) and more. They also serve up delicious homemade miso soup and canned milk tea beverages. It’s a must try at Mt. Ellen!

Waffle Cabin

Nothing says perfectly-delicious-and-satisfying-sweet-treat like a waffle from the Waffle Cabin! Perfect for kids and adults alike, there’s something about them that just can’t be beat. For a quick sugary pick me up, the Waffle Cabin is where you’ll want to stop.

We’ve been sharing your favorite Sugarbush recipes on the blog! Keep an eye out for flatbread and poke bowl recipes coming soon!

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